Friday, 30 December 2016

Christmas 2016 - What We Did, and What I Got!

Handcrafted wooden owl calendar
This Christmas was the first one that me and Chris have spent together. I have never really done a traditional Christmas - I have normally ended up spending it volunteering at a homeless shelter or going to see friends, but Christmas is something that is really really important to Chris and so we spent it together. However, that does not mean that it ended up being a traditional one!

 Most of our Christmas involved spending time with these lovely things. You should know that I actually really do not like cycling. I'm terrified of the idea of doing it on the roads, I find it super painful, and I only actually learned how to ride a bike properly about three years ago so I'm not the most confident on them.

  However, on Christmas, there isn't much choice and so we had to go and give them a try. Luckily, I live really close to a cycle superhighway and so it wasn't so bad as all. These are for the most part completely off the road and with dividers between the bikes and the cars, and so I felt much more comfortable on these and had no problems with them. Every now and then there's a moment of horror when you suddenly merge with the rest of the vehicles, but luckily this didn't happen often at all and when it did it wasn't a huge concern as there weren't THAT many cars on the road. I was still probably a lot slower than Chris would like but I just find cycling so painful! After a quick stop off at McDonald's for our Christmas McNuggets (there was nothing Christmassy about them aside from the fact that we wearing reindeer jumpers), we finally made it to Tower Bridge to enjoy taking some touristy photos without the crowds. And then we were onto the most important part of the day, in my opinion...

A Christmas Pret
 The Christmas Pret! This was a tradition that started about three years ago - going to Pret and having one of their Christmas drinks. Chris was amazed by this as this was the first time he hadn't spent the day with all his family trapped inside all day, and so he had no idea that anywhere at all would be open on Christmas, let alone numerous branches of Pret.

 When it came to the dinner, we started it off with these salmon and egg benedict dishes from M&S. I cannot even begin to tell you how disappointed we were with these! They were £6 so pretty expensive and we both thought that they were average at best. Such a massive disappointment!

Roast dinner
 When it came to the regular food, Chris did all of the cooking. I don't even try to help anymore as he normally hurries me away, and as it was Christmas and his first time cooking the Christmas dinner? I just left him to it.

Christmas dinner
 He did do a really good job though, and the food was really good. You can probably see that we cheated a little bit and just cooked turkey breasts - we decided that as there were only two of us, there was really no point in cooking anymore than that as it would have just gone to waste. We don't regret this decision!

  Afterwards we had these berry cheesecakes that we got from Iceland and were absolutely delicious, and then a cheeseboard from Waitrose which was really nice and lasted us for days. Way too much cheese.

  What we did learn from this experience is that we REALLY need to get food earlier next year. We definitely messed this bit up. Lots of the starters we wanted had disappeared, and Waitrose did this absolutely amazing red velvet chocolate cheesecake that we tried but then never saw again and I cannot even begin to tell you how disappointed we were that we didn't get to have it. As we're most likely moving very soon we didn't get any decorations this year as it would have been more to pack and made more sense to wait until we had a stable home, but I'd planned on surprising Chris with some Christmassy candles or lights - nope, not happening, had all sold out. :-(

  Right - onto the presents?!
Science Museum putty snowman
 Oddly, we both ended up buying each other presents from the science museum this year. Chris bought me this putty snowman which is made of an odd material that always feels like wet sand. It's also really hard to build with! You have no idea the effort it took to get this snowman made without it falling apart. This image does not capture the moment where we had to run manically around the flat to quickly grab the camera and document it!

Waitrose penguin in mug
 I also got this little penguin in a mug from Waitrose. I pointed it out to Chris a few weeks before when we were buying some snacks. I just think it's adorable. But I also don't know if it will ever be used as the penguin just looks so cute in the mug that I don't want to take him out of it!

Hotel Chocolat salted caramel collection
 I also go this salted caramel collection from Hotel Chocolat - I won't say much about this yet as I'm planning on doing a whole review post on this box soon!

Gratiae beauty products
I got this box of goodies from Gratiae - to be honest, I'd never heard of this brand before so I was initially surprised that Chris committed so heavily to deciding to try them out! There will be  a full review on these in a little while as well.

Dior Addict
 This is where Chris did particularly well for himself - a bottle of Dior Addict in Eau Fraiche. I was a little worried about this one as I heavily suspected he would try to find it. I've posted a review before of my mini bottle set of this. I really like all of the scents but the original Addict is my least favourite - the others I think are fantastic but I don't use them much at all due to the fact that the little bottles are quite difficult to apply. I had a feeling he would try to find one of the bottles from this set but I wasn't sure how much attention he'd spend and heavily suspected I would end up with the original one - natural, when it's the only one I don't like!

  The owl in the picture at the very top was the final gift - it's a handmade owl calendar. This is an unusual gift and I bet I'll forget to change it but I thought it was really pretty and we already know exactly where we're going to put it in the new flat.

  Chris did SUCH a good job with the gifts - I've never been so impressed by him! I was surprised at how much notice he's taken to random things I'm interested in and I think he found some really thoughtful gifts.

Science Museum crystal growing tree
We both went with very different styles of gift for each other. As mentioned, we both bought each other presents from the science museum this year - I bought him this tree, which is one of those that starts off just paper until you water it and then it slowly blooms into this Christmas tree that you can decorate. I had a feeling he'd really enjoy watching the crystals grow, and he did! I also bought him a copy of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire as I bought him Pokemon Sun for him to play against my Pokemon Moon for his birthday and I'm REALLY slow at playing it whilst he likes to play for literally hours at a time, so I figured getting him that too meant he could play that whilst waiting for me to catch up. I got him two colouring books and some pencils as he'd randomly expressed an interest in colouring in a wolf we saw in a calendar once, and got him a big set of chilli related things as he loves his chillis and his spicy food.

We went really different tactics and it's funny how we both ended up thinking the other person did a better job. I felt like I'd bought him silly presents and that he'd chosen much more thoughtful ones that made me really happy to see that he'd paid attention. He spent most of the day colouring his book in and playing Pokemon and HE felt like he'd chosen really stupid things and regretted not buying me anything I could really play with. We are very different in that respect though - I like to read and write and he likes things he can play with and build, so I guess it made sense.

Overall, this was probably the best Christmas I'd had! We both work shifts, but somehow we both ended up with four days off together (normally we average one day off together every six weeks or so) and this was made even better by the fact that both my housemates were away. Because of this, Chris was able to stay over and it felt a lot more like our own flat as we didn't feel at all confined - I can't wait for the house purchase to hurry up and complete so it can be more like this every day!

How did all of you spend your Christmas? :-)

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Autumn/Winter 2016 with Apricot!

I have never made it a secret that apricot very quickly became one of my absolute favourite Sping/Summer brands, and that their tops and dresses have become the items of clothing that you're most likely to see me wearing. However, this time last year, I had never even heard of apricot let alone to the extent of love that I have for them now, and therefore I wasn't quite sure what to expect when it came to their Autumn/Winter collection. Therefore, when the chance came up to try some of their A/W goodies*, of course I said yes!

Apricot monochrome stripe pattern batwing necklace top
The first item I chose was this beautiful monochrome stripe pattern batwing necklace top (£19). I already own another necklace top from apricot and it's one of my favourites to wear as it's really versatile and I love the addition of the necklace - I'm REALLY bad at accessorising and knowing what goes with what, and so something like this really helps me out as I already know when buying it that of course it's going to match! Because I'm so bad with accessories it also helps to have this top as it reminds me that maybe I SHOULD be trying to match something with it afterall!

 This top is really comfortable and a great one for wearing around the house or for casual trips out for brunch. The arms are loose which means you get a bit of freedom there - but at the same time, unlike some other tops they're not constantly slipping around and getting on your nerves!
 The pattern is pretty and it's just so comfortable to wear. This one is definitely going to go into my heavy rotation of day to day clothes!

 Next up, we have what has very quickly become my favourite dress - the black & stone digital rose print skater dress (£32). I love this dress. I love it SO much. As soon as I put it on I had to go and dance around the flat so that everyone else could see it too and I got nothing but positive responses. If you follow me on twitter or instagram, you'll probably already have seen that I'm wearing it basically everywhere right now. In fact, I'm even planning on wearing it to an event I'm going to tonight!

This is a really versatile dress and the colours make it great for the season. I don't normally go for darker colours when it comes to dresses but the patterns on this are absolutely perfect and I think the shape on it is so flattering and pretty.

 My final choice was this sequined wonder - the navy sequin front mesh blouse (£26). This is a lovely and comfortable top that is, of course, super sparkly - although the back is not, so don't worry about that! This would be a great top to wear if you're doing any parties over the holiday season and it works great with some simple jeans so you don't have to worry about getting too dressed up to match it.
Have you bought anything from apricot lately? Go and take a look at their current choices and see if you can find anything you fancy! Buy online here, and at time of writing they've got a 75% off sale going on too, here! Which pieces are your favourites?

Friday, 16 December 2016

December's Blog Spotlight Post

001. Amanda wrote a post all about what you should do at a German Christmas market. I have literally just come back from Germany myself, and of course I followed some of Amanda's advice whilst there!

002. Erin has been posting all sorts of cute baby posts since having her little one, but I particularly liked this post which looks at how she chose the name for her new daughter. Plus it contains some really adorable pictures of her baby!

003. I've already posted my review of Urban Decay's Full Spectrum palette - well, Hayley's post is probably the one that made me decide to buy it in the first place!

004. Martha made this interesting post all about what she learned at her Marie Claire internship.

005. Rosie is currently studying to be a midwife and so posts all sorts of interesting posts about that - but I particularly liked this one, which looks at her first time 'catching' a baby!

006. Joanne has given her blog a reboot - and this post looks at the process and how it's worked out for her so far!

007. Hannah has completed another wonderful list post - this time looking at the 36 amazing things that our generation was the last to experience.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Road Trip Part 11; Morro Bay, and a Couple of Extras

Pumpkin farm
As my final picture post to our road trip around the west coast, I thought I'd show you a couple of extra places we visited along the way.


Monday, 12 December 2016

Road Trip Part 10; San Francisco

 If there was a place that I was really looking forward to visiting to on my trip, it was San Francisco.

San Francisco represented so many amazing things to me. Beautiful, colourful houses. Avocado on EVERYTHING. The home of all sorts of amazing brands and companies.


Friday, 9 December 2016

14 Fashion Favourites: December 2016

Oh, December.

I wasn't sure what to expect when I started browsing through the stores for this months' fashion favourites, but I do have to say that I was very definitely pleased by what I came across. Though I didn't find anywhere near as many beautiful jumpers and other warm clothes as I would like, I did come across some lovely tops, some nice dresses ready for the Christmas parties - and of course, a fabulous coat!

This month I've got 14 picks for you, from Apricot, Oasis, Forever 21, Quiz, Missguided and Lipsy.

I am so pleased that Oasis are putting out such beautiful clothes again. I have made no secret of the fact that I love this store, but really was NOT a fan of all the V&A stuff they've been putting out. However, I think these butterfly tops are absolutely gorgeous - especially the one in the middle. And the grey on the end may well be a bit plainer, but I think this is a lovely and easy to wear top.

Monday, 5 December 2016

36 Christmas Present Ideas - For Her!

It's that time of the year again where we're all suddenly panicking because we realise that actually, we REALLY need to be getting a move on with the Christmas present buying. And, let's be real, when we all get a little bit distracted in the process by picking out things for ourselves along the way too...

To help you with the process a little bit and to give you some inspiration, here are a grand total of 36 Christmas present ideas for her (or, well, anyone really!). Every single one of these products has been chosen by myself without being asked for inclusion by any of the featured brands or anyone else. They are all just brands or products I really like - many of which you can find reviews on in this blog already!
I hope you find this post useful, and I'll be returning with the more masculine side of this list shortly too!
Lacoste Touch of Pink gift set £23.80 // Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics £38.50 // Urban Decay Moondust Palette £35
Kat Von D Metal Matte Palette £50 // MAC Eyeshadow Purple x 9 Palette £25 // Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette £43
Too Faced Totally Cute Eyeshadow Palette £32 // But First Coffee Thermal Mug £16 // Reindeer Socks £5.50

Let's start with some of the make up stuff! Of these, I already personally own and recommend the Lacoste gift set, the Full Spectrum palette and the MAC palette - and you can find reviews on all of them here! For me, bright colours are very much the way to go - although I do love my Naked Basics palette too, so I had to throw in one of theirs as well!

Crabtree And Evelyn Bestseller Hand Therapy Gift Set £22 // Hotel Chocolat Classic Christmas H Box £12.50 // Molton Brown Festive Frankincense & Allspice Handwash £18
Katie Loxton 'Thank you' Fig and Apple Blossom Scented Candle £20 // Stoneglow Pink Peppercorn Diffuser £30 // Toft Donna the Reindeer Crochet Kit £25
Family Birthstone Link Bracelet £23 // Personalised Family Tree Cushion £27 //  Personalised Mini Terrarium Cactus Keychain £5

Anyone who's ever read this blog will already know that I'm a Hotel Chocolat fan. I recently posted a review post all about their Christmas range - but if it's someone you don't know all that well, an H-Box like this one would be a great choice! I'm also a huge fan of the reindeer crochet kit, which I think is a great gift for someone you know is into crafts. I'm not very creative at all but I think this little reindeer is so cute that I'm tempted to pick up a pack for myself!

Sparkle LED Jam Jar Light £9.95 // Dachshund Planter £18 // Marshmallow Snowman Hot Chocolate Kit £14
Birds, Bees And Butterflies Seedbom Gift Box £13.95 // Duck Moodlight £10 // Tangle Teezer £10.50
Colour Changing Umbrella Print Compact Umbrella £16 // Santa Cat Mug £5 // Hope Diffuser £8

I have wanted a colour changing umbrella for SO LONG and I don't even know why - I so rarely use an umbrella at all and yet I still really want this one! Loads of my friends are going to be finding themselves with the marshmallow hot chocolate kit this year as I think it's basically the cutest thing ever and my friends are going to love something like this. If I was going to buy myself anything from this list though, it would have to be the jam jar light or the planter - I'm actually toying with buying myself both for my new flat!

Sanctuary Jar Of Delights £10 // Yankee Candle Winter Glow Large Candle £14.66 // Miniature Lots Of Bubbles Selection Box £6
Starbucks Cocoa Duo £16.50 // Zoella Warm Hands Warm Heart Travel Mug & Fingerless Gloves £14 // Spa of the World Luxurious Body Collection £60
Tea Tree Rescue Kit £18 // Spiced Apple Box Of Delights £28 // The Finest Facial Mask Duo £25

The Spa of the World collection is one that's new to me, but I'm very familiar with the other products in this! You can find reviews of the Tea Tree kit and the facial mask collection here on my blog - but the spiced apple is bascially my favourite collection of all time and one that I am very much looking forward to purchasing again for myself!

Whew! That's my list of ideas - which are your favourites?

Friday, 2 December 2016

A Review of Urban Decay's Beautiful Rainbow Offering - the Full Spectrum Palette

Urban Decay Full Spectrum eyeshadow palette
  When I first saw the Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette, I immediately fell in love. There were such beautiful colours, it was so well presented, and the sheer beauty of how well the whole thing was put together just made me want it immediately.

  However, I just wasn't sure as to how much I would actually use it. That being said, the only other palette I own from Urban Decay, the Naked Basics 2, was one that I just didn't see myself using all that much and has instead become the palette I pick up more than any other and so when I saw that this palette had been reduced I just had to go out and buy it myself.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Why Daily Blogging Isn't For Me

The majority of the bloggers that I follow are not daily bloggers, but a few of them are and this is something that absolutely amazes me - especially because in the majority of those cases, their daily blogs are so good that I STILL read them every single day.

However, daily blogging? Not something I could ever do, and here's why.

  1. I have a hard enough time sticking to my three times a week schedule at times. I schedule all my posts, and more often than not I find myself very quickly writing all my posts for the week in one sitting because I feel like I HAVE to, even though I'm sure the vast majority of people wouldn't notice if I missed a day.
  2. I write my ideas down in advance. Sometimes it's really difficult of me to think of ideas for even two weeks away. And normally, by the time it gets to the point that I need to write these, I don't even like the idea anymore and end up having to change it. 
  3. I just don't think I'd have enough ideas to write daily content! I work too many hours to get up to much else these days!
  4. Right now, while blogging is sometimes a massive hassle, it still remains fun. I think daily blogging would take out the entirety of the fun aspect for me.
  5. I live in a flat with a lot of outside light, and despite that I'm STILL currently limited to how often I can take photos thanks to how quickly it gets dark and depressing at the moment. This is fine at the moment as I can take my product photographs as and when - if I went daily, I'd run out of photos incredibly quickly.
  6. I wouldn't want the pressure. This isn't my job. My job already gives me enough stress.
  7. I already feel bad when I miss a day. If this was every single day? I'd probably be feeling bad an awful lot.
  8. I need to be spending more time on my partner, and my friends.
  9. And right now, I need to be spending more time on MYSELF, as well. This is an odd thing to say because actually my blog IS a time when I can express my thoughts, but I still need some time away from everything.
  10. I don't work normal hours. I'm already often feeling slightly out of touch with social media as I'm just not around on twitter when everyone else is. This would feel even worse if I was to try to do it every day.

Those are my reasons - how about yours? Are you a daily blogger? Do you think you could be?


Monday, 28 November 2016

Road Trip Part 9; Yosemite National Park, California

Yosemite National Park, California
 Unpopular opinion time: I didn't like Yosemite.

I WANTED to like Yosemite. I'm frequently led to believe that it's one of the best national parks that North America has to offer. It's enormous, and offers beautiful masses of land along with the potential of seeing bears... and yet, I didn't quite like Yosemite.


Friday, 25 November 2016

5 Things I Hate About Twitter

1. The Scheduled Tweets
I'm not saying that having scheduled tweets is a bad thing. I have them too. I'm not even saying that people who post what I would consider way-too-many scheduled tweets are a bad thing, it's their own choice. But what I DO really dislike is the fact that sometimes, despite the amount of people I follow, that my feed is literally nothing but scheduled tweets. I can't stand it! I browse through and want to see something, anything, to be able to interact with and instead my feed is just constant links to new posts. Generally, ones that I've already read anyway. I do wish there was a way to sometimes be able to filter these out and just see the genuine posts.

2. The Automated Direct Tweets
I really hate it when I add someone, and then a few minutes later have a direct message pop up from them thanking me for following them and advertising their blog or their instagram or whatever else to me. I would go as far as to say that it generally makes me want to unfollow them out of annoyance. Don't send these! Nobody wants these! It just annoys people and you will not get any extra views out of it!

3. The Snapchat Tweets
By these, I mean tweets that link you over to something or reference something that you have to actually download or sign up to before you can view. I don't mind ones that link you over to Instagram or sites like that where you're still able to view the content even if you're not a member. But I really dislike the ones that talk about something fun that has just been posted on SnapChat, that I then can't view. I get the point, you're wanting to get some more followers over on these other mediums - but I find them so frustrating! I don't want to download SnapChat, but I DO want to see the bloggermail that you're talking about. If you're going to reference it on twitter, maybe at least post a picture or two on there as well?

4. The Watchalong Tweets
I feel a bit grumpy complaining about this one, because I totally get why it happens. By this one I basically mean when a popular TV show is on and everybody tweets along about it. Really, this falls under the same as my first point; it completely takes over my twitter feed and I can't find anything else on there and wish I could filter it out. Most the time it's about a program I'm not interested in and so don't care to read about, and at other times it's about programs I DO watch, but due to the fact I work shifts won't be getting to until some point next day. I swear 98% of the time I will switch on to twitter and immediately read some kind of spoiler.

5. The Favouritism Tweets
There are some bloggers on Twitter who will basically only reply to a certain group of friends of theirs, and that really frustrates me to see. I'm not talking the absolutely enormous bloggers - of course Zoella can't be expected to reply to everyone, that would be completely unrealistic. But I hate when I see certain bloggers reply purely to the same few people over and over again and completely ignore other people who are tweeting them. It's not hard to send them a quick reply or even just to like their comment to show you've at least acknowledged it.

That's the five things I hate about twitter! What are yours? And of course, if you'd like to follow me you can do so here!

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

A Review of my new Rose Gold iPhone 7

I recently had a truly awful week at work. I had to finish late every single day, I missed all of my plans for the week that I'd really been looking forward to, and to top it all off, I managed to get my head cut open leaving me with a wonderful looking scar on my head that the doctor helpfully told me made me look a bit like Harry Potter. Brilliant.

As a result of this and the fact that my renewal date was only a few days away anyway, I decided to go a bit heavy on the shopping impulse purchase side of things to make myself feel a little bit better, and went and got myself a new rose gold iPhone 7.

 I suppose the first thing we should do is talk about my past history of buying apple products shouldn't we?

Okay, easy.

There isn't one. I owned a classic iPod about ten years ago. I owned a bright pink iPod mini about two years after that. And, uh, that's it. I wanted the first iPhone, but it was too expensive and I couldn't justify it. And since then, I've owned no apple products whatsoever. So as such, I won't be able to compare this phone to any previous iPhones or anything along those lines, but I can at least give you a comparison based on years of buying android products.

 I went with the rose gold model. It's subtle but pretty and I'm really happy with the design of the phone as a whole. I've loved my last few phones (for comparison, my last three phones were an HTC Desire, HTC One, and HTC One M8 in that order) but there definitely is something very attractive about this phone and the way that it handles and feels.

I was surprised by this as I've never much liked the look of them before and thought they look pretty dull, but when you're using them more frequently they really do have a good feel to them. Anyway, you all know what iPhones look like as they all look exactly the same so I won't bother putting any more about that down here!

 I've been really happy with the camera on this phone. It takes really beautiful photos, and I will say it definitely takes better photos than any of my previous phones have - and I AM someone who takes a lot of photos so this is quite an important factor to me. Although it does this live photo thing that I just think is really creepy - basically when you slide through your photos it shows about a second of movement on each one which actually just looks scary and I don't get why anyone would have ever thought that that was a good idea!

I really like the way this phone organises my photos. I like that it learns who people are and puts them into their own photo albums, and I like the memories feature as every now and then it will make a little video with some of my past photos. In particular it made one of the previous few months, one just of Chris, and one of my trip to America. At the moment it's hilarious because it will always put one really out of place photo somewhere in the middle that we keep just because it makes it so funny. For example - a lovely one of Chris, with a sudden one in the middle that we took at the hospital of me with my head cut open. Wonderful. Thanks phone. I do like this feature though, it's simple but it makes me happy whenever I see that I have a new memory there.

 I do really like the screen on this phone. It's bright and pretty and it really is much more beautiful than I expected it to be. I have liked android phones because of how much customisation I could do and obviously I can't do anywhere near as much on the iPhone, but despite this I actually still really like it. It sort of just works.

 In terms of apps, it's hard to compare. The games are more or less the same on both. The apps are more or less the same on both, though I will say that for the apps that are slightly different on each one, in every case so far I have preferred the Android version. That doesn't make the apple version BAD, it just means the Android version was better. I say this having waited over a month to review this phone as I wanted to fully give it a chance and make sure I wasn't just commenting with the preferences of what I was already used to - I've had plenty of time to adjust to the new apps and I feel the android ones just tend to be that little bit better.

We all know the apple store is more restricted than the android one is, and sometimes that is disappointing. I'd say it's easier to find new ones through android.

 I have however now discovered apple music, which I really enjoy. Prior to this I've been a subscriber to Spotify Premium for a good six years now, and apple music is just plain better. I like the selections and choices it gives me and the fact that it's just that little bit more personalised.

The battery life on this phone is also really good. It gets me through the day with no risk of it running out and some days it's still on about 50% at the end if I haven't been using it too much. However I do have to be fair on this - I think the battery life is much improved from my previous phone, but in fairness, it was two years old and of course the battery life has gone down since I first bought it.

 As mentioned above, I would say the camera quality on this phone is the best of any phone I have owned. I am not a selfie fan, but the front camera is miles ahead. In terms of the general picture quality, this phone wins as well - however when it comes to watching videos on youtube and things like that I don't notice any difference at all. When it comes to sound, my last few phones are much better - however it does need to be stated that my last four phones have all been HTC phones which place a large emphasis on their sound quality and they really are much better when it comes to music or video sound. That being said though, I would say the quality of in-call sound is better on the iPhone, which is interesting.

As for all this drama over the headphone issue? I've got no problems with it. The box comes with a little attachment so that you can plug your normal earphones into it so I've been doing exactly that. It does look a bit silly as it's a completely different colour to my own earphone wires, but I imagine if you use the apple ones you won't even notice the difference. It's no real problem anyway. Either way, I keep mine attached to my earphones at all times so when it comes to wanting to use them I just plug them in same as I would any other time. I don't use my earphones for anything other than listening to music on my phone anyway so it's not like I'm constantly adjusting them.

There you have it! I've owned this phone for about six weeks now and I really like it. This was an impulse purchase I thought I'd regret, but I'm actually really happy with this phone and it's much better than I thought it would be. I'm not saying that I'm a complete apple convert - when my two years are up I have no plans of immediately just buying the next iPhone, instead I'll do what I always do and just see which my personal preference is. In all honestly, as much as I am enjoying this phone, I tend to like to change to a model that is different. Though my last phones have all been HTC, each phone has still had a different design to it due to their own customisation and the newer android models, and I like that each phone I have has felt brand new and completely different. I feel like upgrading to whatever the newer iPhone is will just feel like using a slightly faster version of the exact same phone and that doesn't appeal to me so much, so we'll have to see what happens there.

I bought my iPhone 7 from Carphone Warehouse, here, or buy it from apple themselves here!

Monday, 21 November 2016

Road Trip Part 8; The Ghost Town of Bodie, California

 One of the criteria that I had to tick off on our trip to the west coast was to visit a ghost town. I was intrigued by all the gold rush towns that I had been left abandoned, Max likes exploring abandoned places, and Chris just hadn't been to anywhere of the sort before. After narrowing down the list and spending way too long trying to pick between locations, eventually Bodie in California was the wining choice.


Friday, 18 November 2016

Some of My Favourite Instagrammers - Part 2

 First up I'm featuring Ana-Alexander of @rhymeswithcoffee. I love this account because it includes all sorts of photos that don't necessarily stick to a theme but all end up being really beautiful. I love seeing snippets of her daily life and seeing ordinary things that for some reason just look so much better when she posts about them! Expect lots of beautiful architecture, classic cars, food and flowers!

 Next up is Kelsey of @abalancingpeach. Kelsey posts lovely images that just make me feel all relaxed and at peace with the world. It's hard to explain, so you'll just have to go and take a look at her feed yourself. Somehow, all her pictures, regardless of what they are, just make me feel all sorts of calm. Expect to see lots of pretty landscapes, pictures of herself in pretty hats, and interior design.

Next up is Katy, of @misskatyenglish. Katy likes to stick to a theme when it comes to her Instagram, which does make it look all nice and flowy when you're just sliding on through. Right now, her posts are really Autumnal which just makes me want to buy all of the pumpkins and go on a trip to Kew Gardens. Expect images of flat lay food spreads and London landscapes!

 Next is Wendy, of @thankfifi. She posts a variety of different pictures but with a bit of an orangey tone to them which always makes me feel all warm to look at. Expect pictures of fashion, houses, and interiors!

And finally this time around, we've got @lichipan. A bit opposite to the above feed, this account is full of colder tones which I just love. I am a big fan of winter and cooler places and so I love to see these pretty tones. Expect icey tones and lots of beautiful food flatlays!

If you've enjoyed this post, why not go and read part one to find five more of my favourites? And don't forget you can follow me too, over at @pinkconfettiuk.
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