Friday, 29 January 2016

Follow Friday 005

I'm glad you guys all seem to be enjoying this series :-) Let's see the five lovelies who have topped my favourite posts this week...

001. Corinne made a post all about a bully she was 'friends' with in high school. This is a post that I found to be a fascinating read because kids are SO MEAN and it's amazing what you put up with when you're at that age for various reasons. I went to an all girls school and unfortunately that seemed to mean that the vast majority people were horribly bitchy and always trying to be the queen bee so I can definitely relate to having seen a lot of that going on. In my case I escaped by becoming one of the six goth kids ;)

002. Lisa posted a review of Granger & Co in Clerkenwell and I just love her photography! Granger & Co is one of those places I've often gone past but never actually visited, but Lisa's post is definitely tempting me.

003. Sara made a hilarious post all about being a grown up fangirl, and this is very much one I can relate to. In particular, I remember reading the first Divergent book (don't talk about the others, I couldn't even finish the second book) and being so ridiculously in love with Four that it didn't even make sense. Then I watched the movie, which didn't help matters. It doesn't happen often, but every now and then I get a slightly ridiculous fixation, usually over someone fictional!

004. Shannon made a post about how to take flat lay pictures. I absolutely suck at flat lays so I went in to this post just being interested in how she takes them, and ended up hanging about because the post was just written in such a funny way!

005. Vix made a post in response to Cosmopolitan's controversial article on dating a blogger which is very much worth the read! And it is indeed a disappointment to see Cosmo's reaction to bloggers when they have hosted awards and workshops for them.

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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Instagram vs Reality

001. I am never going to be one of those people who makes the most beautiful flat lays, as frankly I just don't have the time for it. I look at them, and I can definitely appreciate them, but man, that takes TIME. Plus whenever I've tried it looks so ridiculously like I've just dropped things everywhere, I clearly don't have the skills there.

002. Until about two weeks ago, sadly I didn't actually notice that it was possible to edit your instagram pictures besides putting a filter on it. There were so many editing aspects that are now open to me! Unfortunately, I don't have time for those either, but the standard magical fix it all button seems to be doing good things for me now that I've found it.

003. I don't carefully edit selfies. I don't take 75 and pick the best one. However, what I do end up doing is taking just the one. If I like it, you'll see it. If I don't, then you won't. If one has come out terribly I won't end up taking loads more until I get the one that I right, as actually seeing even that one shit picture of myself makes me feel bad and I don't want to keep going on with that.

004. 95% of pictures on my instagram are actually take with my phone. Until last month, 100% were. Now, if it's a picture I've taken of food in my house then it's probably been taken on my camera, everything else is done on my phone so what you see is what you get.

005. Basically all of the pictures in my house are taken in my kitchen because it's the only place with good enough lighting. More recently I have noticed that my friends' house makes for very good photos though. See the background in the picture above with the little tree? Yeah. Not my pretty sofa.

006. My house is not that tidy. Most of the time I shove everything else out of the way or use cleaver angling. Sometimes I don't even do that.

007. I don't have an Instagram theme. I've never had an instagram theme. I'm just not consistent enough. I look at peoples' feeds and I love to see ones that are perfectly themed because I think they're so pretty, but I also don't care all that much. It's a delicate balance - I don't want to see the same sort of picture over and over again but I also do like to see it. However, the only time I'm going to look at your instagram grid is the first time I come across your page and am trying to work out if I want to follow you or not, so it's really not something that's that important.

008. I probably don't use instagram enough. I really like it, but I'm really bad at remembering to take the pictures unless it's of food or something like that. There's even been a few times when I've been looking at something and think it would make a nice instagram picture, but then I just don't. I'd rather enjoy it until I'm not enjoying it any more, and then I'll move on.

009. Equally, I find it a bit awkward to take too many pictures in public. It makes me feel like a tourist in my own city - which means this will almost certainly be different when I head off to Thailand next month! I am so used to taking pictures of food that I don't feel odd about that anymore, although if I'm out with friends that I don't know that well sometimes I can definitely feel them judging me for it and that doesn't feel quite so great.

010. I don't see anything wrong with people who have their lives basically sponsored by instagram. I don't think the majority of people really think that those sort of pictures are lifestyles are real, and if they do then I think they almost certainly realise that that person is in the minority.

So, that's my thoughts of instagram vs reality. What are yours?

Monday, 25 January 2016

My New Perfumes: Lacoste's Touch of Pink and Katy Perry's Killer Queen

 There are two things that I can guarantee I will pick up in the boxing day sales every single year. The first of these are Lush goodies, and the second is some sort of perfume gift box. I find it a bit odd really, as I will eye a perfume up for a while and then on boxing day find that the gift box goes to half price (less than the price of the perfume on its own) whilst the perfume remains at exactly the same price. So I end up with the perfume and a bunch of extra goodies, which admittedly as a general rule I don't actually care about, for less than the price of the bottle. Madness. Anyway, let's go on and take a look at the two I picked up this year...

 First up, with have Lacoste's Touch of Pink. I really like the boxing for this perfume - it's simple, sums up the product, and I think it looks really nice.

 It's the same for the products itself - I think the cream looks really nice, and the perfume does as well. The bottle for this perfectly sums up the product as it's simple but classy with just a hint of colour to it which is really accurate as far as the scent itself is concerned.

 Now onto the perfume itself! Honestly, I'm a little surprised I ended up buying this one this year. Not because of anything to do with the scent as it's a very pleasant one - but I've been enjoying this product for literally years and years, so I'd normally be pretty sure that if I was going to buy it I would have done it long before now. Touch of Pink is a very pleasant and subtle scent. It's really versatile and doesn't stand out too much, which is why it's become my new every day perfume that I wear when all I'm doing that day is going to work. It's a soft but happy scent that I really enjoy for every day use. On a more technical level, the notes in Touch of Pink include predominately orange, coriander leaves and cardomom seeds.

 Next up we have Katy Perry's Killer Queen. And first of all, I hate this box. It's such an ugly box. I wouldn't have even looked twice at it if I didn't already know I liked the perfume. It's just... so clearly aimed at really young teenagers. I don't like anything about it.

 This one came with two extra products.

 I'm being quite negative about this product in this review, but I do actually really like the scent itself. It's a very strong and powerful scent and it is definitely one where a little bit goes a long way. It's very rich and I think this could be one where you go either way on how you feel about it. I really like it, and I knew I wanted it ever since I first caught a scent of it on someone else about a year ago. Everyone else I mentioned it to also really liked it, however it's such a strong scent that this may be off putting to some.This perfume has top notes of dark plum, wild berry and bergamot.

 The worst thing about this product? Okay, I guess it's not all that important, but the bottle sucks. I mean, if you look at the picture one above this you'd probably think it looks pretty cool and I'd agree with you. However, it's just stupid looking as a bottle if you own more than one perfume. It literally just looks like it's broken and fallen over. I don't quite get what they were going for when they wet with that. I can see it on my shelf as I write this and it looks like I have all these nice perfumes and then one in the middle that's fallen down, and no matter where I put it it looks the same. It's such an odd choice of design.
See? Beautiful bottles, and then the one in the middle that's fallen over. URGH.

Did you pick up any perfumes this year?

Friday, 22 January 2016

My Spa Wish List

So, back in January I made a little post all about my UK bucket list  and in that I mentioned that I had a separate list all planned out for spas I want to visit. And, finally, here it is!

I really, really love spas. I love massages. I like old stately homes and I like being fed super healthy food and acting like this is totally something I'm going to incorporate into my every day life. I love attending yoga classes and going to meditation every morning and I love just wondering around in my dressing gown and looking at the ducks (because every spa seems to have ducks, why is that?)

Here's my list of my top 7 English spas that I'd really like to visit, in no particular order!

Luton Hoo Hotel & Spa
Hoo Hotel

Anywhere that would make me decide that going on a trip to Luton of all places was a great idea would have to be pretty special, and this hotel certainly is. Look at it, it's bloody gorgeous, and actually not as expensive as you'd expect either. It's just so beautiful and classic and I think I could easily spend so much time here without ever even leaving the hotel grounds.


Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Dinner at Lyle's, Shoreditch

 I recently went for dinner with a friend at Michelin starred Lyle's in Shoreditch and was definitely very excited about my visit. Lyle's is interesting because they only do two four course set menus (one veggie, one regular) each day so you don't know what you're getting until the day. I actually prefer this as sometimes I get a bit stuck with the menu and always end up more or less ordering the same sort of thing. Apologies again for the photo quality in these, a friend had my cameras on holiday with him at this time so phone quality it is!
 In addition to the mini smaller courses, you get a starter, a fish course, a meat course, and a dessert. It's a shame the mini plates weren't that photogenic as they were absolutely delicious! The pre-starter was an amazing mix of flavours that definitely got us excited for the rest of the meal.
 The meat option today was pheasant,which is something I'd never had before. It started with the pheasant breast, which you can see above, which I actually really enjoyed. The second pheasant dish however was grilled pheasant that came on kebab sticks and I'm really not sure how I felt about it. The flavour was really, really strong on it, and both of us initially made the mistake of eating way too much in our first bites and being a bit overwhelmed by flavour. Though this dish was small, it took a while for us to eat it as it was so strong. We also both ended up with a bit of shot in our pheasant - this is something you're warned about on the menu, and I know it's normal, but I found it really disturbing for some reason!
Finally we have the dessert which was just...odd. On so many levels. As well as what you can see here, there's a layer of goats' milk yogurt on the bottom, and even further below that is some surprise coconut. We enjoyed this dessert but it was really confusing to eat as there's such a mixture of textures it's sort of hard for you to process it - and just when you think you've got used to it, you find the bottom layer and your body gets all confused about what's going on again!

  We both really enjoyed our meals, and Lyle's has become one of two Michelin starred restaurants that I'd love to visit again. (The other is Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester, but unfortunately that meal cost hundreds so it's almost certainly not somewhere I actually would go again!) I'd definitely recommend it, and I think at £44 it's also a very reasonable price for the standard that you get from it.

  I used VelocityApp* with this meal, which I'll be posting a full review of in a few weeks!

Friday, 15 January 2016

Follow Friday 004

Another week, another Follow Friday! I hope y'all are still enjoying this series by the way because I plan to keep it going for as long as possible!

001. Becky made a post all about the online diaries she's had over the years. I thought this was such a funny post as it made me remember all the ridiculous phases I've had over the years. I was super active on LiveJournal and DeadJournal for so many years and tried so many times to create my own websites before somehow I ended up settling on the one you're reading right now!

002. Sian made this super helpful post all about how to make really cute looking cupcakes. Seriously, it has all sorts of cool little baking tricks for people who like me who make ugly yet delicious goods.

003. Angela wrote a guide for PR folk that are working with bloggers which I found really funny and also, depressingly, really accurate. Although my biggest PR peeve is getting emails asking me to work so out of my demographic that I don't even know how I was found by them in the first place (ie. gardening shoes. Yes, I have a garden. But I've literally never mentioned it on my blog because the last time I did any work in it was possibly about three years ago) I thought this post was really relatable and true!

004. Liam wrote a post all about his opinion on statistics in blogging, and the importance that is placed on them. I found this an interesting read as blogging is something that's difficult to do WITHOUT getting a bit caught up in the numbers. Ie, when you see someone appear out of nowhere and get so many followers straight away! I can't say I've ever been one of those follow for follow people (if you're on my bloglovin feed, I actually try to read all your posts. If you're on my twitter feed, well, obviously not everything but you're there because I have an interest in you!) and it annoys me when I see it, but I definitely do get a little bit eager when I see I'm approaching a nice round number!

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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Winter Wonderland Afternoon Tea at the Chesterfield, Mayfair

 I recently visited the Chesterfield Hotel in Mayfair for their Winter Wonderland afternoon tea. I do love a good afternoon tea and my absolute favourites are themed ones, so I was so happy to finally come across this one. I've been looking for a good wintery or Christmassy one in a while and nothing was quite fulfilling what I wanted. Most looked like the ordinary afternoon tea except they'd shoved the word "Christmas" in front of it and decided to up the price tag as well, whilst the others that looked like they'd put some effort into it had gone up by way too much. Therefore I was really pleased to come across this cute afternoon tea over the Chesterfield.

By the way, apologies in advance for the photos. Unfortunately these ones and the photos in my next restaurant review were both taken whilst my friend was on holiday with both my cameras, so phone quality it'll have to be.

 First up, we had the sandwiches. The salmon sandwiches that you can see in the middle are absolutely the best sandwiches I've ever had with an afternoon tea, they were SO GOOD. The other sandwiches I didn't like so much though of course had my half of them, but that wasn't a problem as my friend absolutely loved them - to the extent that he had a second plate all to himself. That's another thing I really liked about this afternoon tea by the way - you can never quite be sure how much you're going to get with these sort of places. Some places will refil plates but be a bit funny about it, some will let you replace just one level, some won't let you at all. The Chesterfield were very happy to refill our plates, and in this case actually offered to. When they noticed we were halfway through our scones they came to ask if we'd like more sandwiches, to which my friend immediately said yes and asked about more scones as well which they were happy to provide. Once the second level of sandwiches had gone they were back around to ask yet again - but this time my friend was way too full!
 Some lovely scones - pretty much always my favourite part!

 How cute? The little snowman on the cupcake was adorable. The cheesecake was beautifully rich. The yule log was lovely. What you can't see in the picture is that there's a macaroon - neither of us like macaroons, but we both still really enjoyed this one.
 By the way, the 'soil' that this Christmas tree is sitting in? Chocolate mousse! Wasn't expecting that one at all but it was absolutely delicious. I wish I could buy an entire tray of these.
Overall the Chesterfield provided a great afternoon tea experience and I definitely plan on returning. There was a lot of attention to detail to make an interesting tea, the service was really good and the atmosphere in general was really nice. Also, they have a horribly effective marketing ploy to get us to return so I sort of have to anyway - at the end of this tea you do a sort of lucky dip to get an envelope. In this envelope is something that may or may not tell you that you've won something at the hotel - but the trick is, you have to open it together next time you go for an afternoon tea so you can't just check it at home. And I've checked, there's no way of opening the envelope without making it obvious you've done so, and unfortunately I'm just too curious so do have to go back to find out!

Winter Wonderland afternoon tea finished a week ago and cost £35. However, do not fear as it looks like they are now doing Charlie & The Chocolate Factory afternoon tea which looks equally fantastic and that I'm definitely going to try and attend!

Friday, 8 January 2016

Follow Friday 003

Welcome to the first Follow Friday of 2016! Which seems to have come by very suddenly. Either way, here are some of my favourite posts of the last few weeks (I missed a week since there are already quite a lot of Fridays in January - so there may be a veeerrrryyyy slight backlog!) for you to have a look at and enjoy :)

001. Imii made a post all about how she had no idea what she was doing when it came to make up. I just thought this was such a funny and well written post, and one that I can certainly relate to!

002. Rebecca posted an absolutely adorable lifestyle discoveries post. I know these sort of posts aren't at all unusual, but there's just something about this particular post that really stuck with me. As well as how lovely the products are, it was just written in such a nice way that it made me happy to read it - so I hope you'll enjoy it too!

003. Carrie posted an absolutely gorgeous photoshoot of Christmas in Las Vegas. Everything about this post was absolutely perfect - the dress was amazing, the photography was fantastic, and the setting was brilliant as well. I have nothing more that needs to be said about this post, you just need to go and take a look :-)

004. Laura made a post on why she goes to blogger meetups. This was just a really lovely post - she's got some really pretty photos and the write ups are so nicely done as well. It actually makes me jealous I live in London to read it, as from people that have attended both London and on-London events I definitely get the impression that the ones outside are friendlier!

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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The Month Through Instagram: December 2015

 Left: A selfie of course! That I actually took in court, on a day that was a complete waste of time. I literally never wear smart clothes so I thought I would document it by, as you can clearly see, cropping it so that you can't see the clothes. But my hair looked good in this, which is amazing if you saw it right now. What a difference a month can make...
Middle: This is my new army of air fresheners. I bought four on sort of an impulse purchase because I wanted to try Amazon's one hour delivery and these seemed like a good way about it. I really really like them though. They release a spray every 45 minutes or so, which is sort of hilarious because my dog STILL hasn't got used to them and jumps every single time the one in the living room goes off. I do really like these, at first I was worried they'd be too strong, and then that the opposite would happen and I'd get too used to the scent as I bought the same scent for each, but its not the case at all. I definitely still smell it but it's not overwhelming at all and I'm possibly overly pleased by these.
Right: I had an absolutely delicious meal at a restaurant called Lyle's in Shoreditch. BUT, I'm not going to tell you any more about this at the moment because there's a post coming on Wednesday 20th which will tell you all about this lovely place!
Left: I love this gorgeous little tree. This tiny little beauty is actually from Waitrose. At first we were debating whether or not it was real, but when I worked out that it was I just HAD to have it. I think it's so cute and it's covered in glitter. I don't know why I like it quite so much, but I really really do. Also, it's still alive! Which is amazing for me. PLEASE LIVE.
Middle: I don't really have anything to say about this one, I just thought it looked cool :-)
Right: Two selfies in one month? Madness. Actually though, the reason I took this picture was because I wanted to get a picture of my coat. And as with the first one, therefore you can hardly see it... Seriously though, this coat is my new favourite thing. It's from Forever 21 and it's got a gorgeous print and a lovely fluffy texture. I like it so so much!

Left: I went to the Natural History Museum to see their new exhibition on human evolution. Whilst there I had a quick browse of their shop and came across this funny looking fellow in his Christmas jumper. I LOVE HIM and he actually was really reasonably overpriced. They had a few other interesting things in there, some books I ended up buying for friends and this amazing Christmas jumper with dinosaur patterns on it - I would totally have bought that if it hadn't been so expensive!
Middle: This is my quite interesting lunch from when I finally managed to visit Pedler, in Peckham. And again, I'm not going to tell you any more about it just yet because there's a post that you can read coming up on the 27th.
Right: So while you guys were all having your traditional Christmas dinners, this is what I cooked on the 25th! This is a sauce I made with tomatoes, halloumi, onions, chillis...all mixed in with pasta. Guys, this was seriously good! I made another for five portions and I still really enjoy eating this. Normally when I batch cook something I eat it maybe twice and then eventually throw it out because I can't remember what it is anymore. This was actually delicious with a kick to it and probably pretty good for me as well. If anyone's interested in the recipe I'll put it up!

What's your favourite Instagram picture of the month? And if you want to see all of my pictures, follow me on Instagram!

Friday, 1 January 2016

My Favourite Beauty Products of 2015

2015 was definitely the year that I became much more consistent with my beauty products. I'd say that this year was the year that I streamlined a fair bit and began wearing the same products the majority of the time, and therefore the products featured in this are pretty much my daily staples! Not all of them are the newest products as I am by no means a beauty product who keeps on top of all of the same things - I'm more the sort of person who'll try a few things until I find something that I love and then keeps using it until I get bored with it. Therefore, these products aren't all going to be absolutely brand new but ARE going to be ones that I think really highly of and have got a lot of use out of!

Nail Product of the Year...
Winner: My nail products of the year go, without a doubt, to Little Ondine. I was SO pleased to discover their products as I'm not allowed to wear nail polish at work - not even a tiny little bit of leftover product! - and so I was absolutely delighted to discover their beautiful peel-off nail polishes. Even better, they come in some really lovely shades! Unfortunately I can't truthfully say that their polishes are 100% consistent, some are definitely better than others, but overall I am so glad to have discovered this brand as they fill a niche that was definitely one I needed. Even if this wasn't something you required quite as much as I did, it's still lovely to have something that doesn't require you to spend twenty minutes trying to scrub it all off with varnish remover! If you're interested in reading a bit more, you can find my review of Little Ondine here!
Runner Up: My runner up would have to be The Body Shop, who make some absolutely beautiful nail polish shades.

Fragrance of the Year... (note: picture is of the runner up!)
Winner: Honestly, this topic is probably the one that's the most difficult for me as I own a LOT of perfume. Literally, as I write this I am waiting for two more to be delivered. I love, love LOVE fragrances. However, my favourite of the year is going to have to go to Dot, by Marc Jacobs. I wouldn't say it's my absolute favourite scent, but it is the one that I wear the most consistently. It comes in a beautiful bottle and is a really versatile scent that is interesting but not overpowering.
Runner Up: This is cheating a bit as it's actually four perfumes, but my runner up product of choice is my Dior Addict set. And, honestly, if I had any full sizes of these perfumes, they might actually rank higher! I bought a little four set of these at the airport and I love all of them so much. If the bottles were a bit more useful and came with a spray I'd wear them a lot more, and if I got hold of any full sizes they may even have taken over! I've written a little post about these which you can read here.

Foundation of the Year...
Winner: This is an easy one as it's the first liquid foundation that I've ever used more than once! The Body Shop's Fresh Nude Foundation is my definite winner in this category. It is a lovely, light foundation that really does leave your skin feeling super soft and looking great. It's also like magic, because it's such a light foundation but at the same time my skin just looks SO much better when I'm wearing it. It's caused me to look a bit oily at times but it's also one of the few products that has never caused me to break out. If you'd like to read my full review of this foundation, you can do so here! 
Runner Up: My runner up product may not technically be classed as a foundation, but it's what I always wore it as - my Gosh BB Powder! It helped that this product perfectly matched my skin tone, but it was always a lovely product for the days when I don't feel like wearing a more full on foundation. You can view my mini review of it, here!

Eyeshadow of the Year...
Winner: My eyeshadow of the year goes to a bit of a cliche but all the same; Urban Decay's Naked 2 Basics. I really like this palette as though obviously it's all natural shades, there are a good variety and none of them are shimmery or glittery which is definitely something I don't understand in a natural palette. The colours are of good quality and are easy to apply and even the build of the palette itself is great - I trust this little box in my handbag! You can read my full review of this product here.
Runner Up: Honestly? Don't have one. I have a few other eyeshadows I use but not with any consistency, so there's nothing definitive I can place here!

Mascara of the Year...
Winner: I'm sure this comes to no surprise to anyone who reads my blog, because I absolutely LOVE Benefit's They're Real. It's such a consistent mascara, it's so simple to apply, it never lets me down! And perhaps most importantly, it never leaves me with random mascara blobs on my face when I repeatedly forget I'm wearing it and rub my eyes. This isn't the cheapest mascara but it's 100% worth it, to the extent that I have a few bottles of this that I picked up in a sale! Read my mini review of it here. 
Runner Up: Perhaps an unexpected one, but for me it's My Little Box's mascara. This is a brilliant quality mascara and definitely the best beauty product I ever received in a beauty box! It creates a fuller look than They're Real does so I don't wear it all that often, but it's still one of my favourites by far.

Moisturiser of the Year...
Winner: This was the year that I moved away from Lush for my moisturisers! Before this year I pretty exclusively rotated between two Lush products, however this year I've had SUCH bad luck with them. I don't know why but they've become really unreliable for me and the consistency has just been out, so I experimented with a few Body Shop products. My favourite has been this Aloe Soothing Day Cream, which I don't think is a new product at all but its been a great discovery for me! It's lovely and soft and though it does leave me a bit shiny it does the job and doesn't cause me to break out! You can view my review of this product here.
Runner Up: Aside from being another Body Shop product, my runner up product is almost the complete opposite. My runner up product of choice is TBS' Intense Moisture Cream from their lovely Vitamin E range. It's really thick so I only usually use it at night or when my skin is urgently demanding it (when I had bad sun burn is a time that comes straight to mind!) and you can view my mini review of it here.  

So there you have it - my beauty products of the year! Have you tried any of these? What were your favourites?
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