Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Dinner at Lyle's, Shoreditch

 I recently went for dinner with a friend at Michelin starred Lyle's in Shoreditch and was definitely very excited about my visit. Lyle's is interesting because they only do two four course set menus (one veggie, one regular) each day so you don't know what you're getting until the day. I actually prefer this as sometimes I get a bit stuck with the menu and always end up more or less ordering the same sort of thing. Apologies again for the photo quality in these, a friend had my cameras on holiday with him at this time so phone quality it is!
 In addition to the mini smaller courses, you get a starter, a fish course, a meat course, and a dessert. It's a shame the mini plates weren't that photogenic as they were absolutely delicious! The pre-starter was an amazing mix of flavours that definitely got us excited for the rest of the meal.
 The meat option today was pheasant,which is something I'd never had before. It started with the pheasant breast, which you can see above, which I actually really enjoyed. The second pheasant dish however was grilled pheasant that came on kebab sticks and I'm really not sure how I felt about it. The flavour was really, really strong on it, and both of us initially made the mistake of eating way too much in our first bites and being a bit overwhelmed by flavour. Though this dish was small, it took a while for us to eat it as it was so strong. We also both ended up with a bit of shot in our pheasant - this is something you're warned about on the menu, and I know it's normal, but I found it really disturbing for some reason!
Finally we have the dessert which was just...odd. On so many levels. As well as what you can see here, there's a layer of goats' milk yogurt on the bottom, and even further below that is some surprise coconut. We enjoyed this dessert but it was really confusing to eat as there's such a mixture of textures it's sort of hard for you to process it - and just when you think you've got used to it, you find the bottom layer and your body gets all confused about what's going on again!

  We both really enjoyed our meals, and Lyle's has become one of two Michelin starred restaurants that I'd love to visit again. (The other is Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester, but unfortunately that meal cost hundreds so it's almost certainly not somewhere I actually would go again!) I'd definitely recommend it, and I think at £44 it's also a very reasonable price for the standard that you get from it.

  I used VelocityApp* with this meal, which I'll be posting a full review of in a few weeks!

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