Friday, 29 January 2016

Follow Friday 005

I'm glad you guys all seem to be enjoying this series :-) Let's see the five lovelies who have topped my favourite posts this week...

001. Corinne made a post all about a bully she was 'friends' with in high school. This is a post that I found to be a fascinating read because kids are SO MEAN and it's amazing what you put up with when you're at that age for various reasons. I went to an all girls school and unfortunately that seemed to mean that the vast majority people were horribly bitchy and always trying to be the queen bee so I can definitely relate to having seen a lot of that going on. In my case I escaped by becoming one of the six goth kids ;)

002. Lisa posted a review of Granger & Co in Clerkenwell and I just love her photography! Granger & Co is one of those places I've often gone past but never actually visited, but Lisa's post is definitely tempting me.

003. Sara made a hilarious post all about being a grown up fangirl, and this is very much one I can relate to. In particular, I remember reading the first Divergent book (don't talk about the others, I couldn't even finish the second book) and being so ridiculously in love with Four that it didn't even make sense. Then I watched the movie, which didn't help matters. It doesn't happen often, but every now and then I get a slightly ridiculous fixation, usually over someone fictional!

004. Shannon made a post about how to take flat lay pictures. I absolutely suck at flat lays so I went in to this post just being interested in how she takes them, and ended up hanging about because the post was just written in such a funny way!

005. Vix made a post in response to Cosmopolitan's controversial article on dating a blogger which is very much worth the read! And it is indeed a disappointment to see Cosmo's reaction to bloggers when they have hosted awards and workshops for them.

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