Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Instagram vs Reality

001. I am never going to be one of those people who makes the most beautiful flat lays, as frankly I just don't have the time for it. I look at them, and I can definitely appreciate them, but man, that takes TIME. Plus whenever I've tried it looks so ridiculously like I've just dropped things everywhere, I clearly don't have the skills there.

002. Until about two weeks ago, sadly I didn't actually notice that it was possible to edit your instagram pictures besides putting a filter on it. There were so many editing aspects that are now open to me! Unfortunately, I don't have time for those either, but the standard magical fix it all button seems to be doing good things for me now that I've found it.

003. I don't carefully edit selfies. I don't take 75 and pick the best one. However, what I do end up doing is taking just the one. If I like it, you'll see it. If I don't, then you won't. If one has come out terribly I won't end up taking loads more until I get the one that I right, as actually seeing even that one shit picture of myself makes me feel bad and I don't want to keep going on with that.

004. 95% of pictures on my instagram are actually take with my phone. Until last month, 100% were. Now, if it's a picture I've taken of food in my house then it's probably been taken on my camera, everything else is done on my phone so what you see is what you get.

005. Basically all of the pictures in my house are taken in my kitchen because it's the only place with good enough lighting. More recently I have noticed that my friends' house makes for very good photos though. See the background in the picture above with the little tree? Yeah. Not my pretty sofa.

006. My house is not that tidy. Most of the time I shove everything else out of the way or use cleaver angling. Sometimes I don't even do that.

007. I don't have an Instagram theme. I've never had an instagram theme. I'm just not consistent enough. I look at peoples' feeds and I love to see ones that are perfectly themed because I think they're so pretty, but I also don't care all that much. It's a delicate balance - I don't want to see the same sort of picture over and over again but I also do like to see it. However, the only time I'm going to look at your instagram grid is the first time I come across your page and am trying to work out if I want to follow you or not, so it's really not something that's that important.

008. I probably don't use instagram enough. I really like it, but I'm really bad at remembering to take the pictures unless it's of food or something like that. There's even been a few times when I've been looking at something and think it would make a nice instagram picture, but then I just don't. I'd rather enjoy it until I'm not enjoying it any more, and then I'll move on.

009. Equally, I find it a bit awkward to take too many pictures in public. It makes me feel like a tourist in my own city - which means this will almost certainly be different when I head off to Thailand next month! I am so used to taking pictures of food that I don't feel odd about that anymore, although if I'm out with friends that I don't know that well sometimes I can definitely feel them judging me for it and that doesn't feel quite so great.

010. I don't see anything wrong with people who have their lives basically sponsored by instagram. I don't think the majority of people really think that those sort of pictures are lifestyles are real, and if they do then I think they almost certainly realise that that person is in the minority.

So, that's my thoughts of instagram vs reality. What are yours?

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