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My Favourite Beauty Products of 2015

2015 was definitely the year that I became much more consistent with my beauty products. I'd say that this year was the year that I streamlined a fair bit and began wearing the same products the majority of the time, and therefore the products featured in this are pretty much my daily staples! Not all of them are the newest products as I am by no means a beauty product who keeps on top of all of the same things - I'm more the sort of person who'll try a few things until I find something that I love and then keeps using it until I get bored with it. Therefore, these products aren't all going to be absolutely brand new but ARE going to be ones that I think really highly of and have got a lot of use out of!

Nail Product of the Year...
Winner: My nail products of the year go, without a doubt, to Little Ondine. I was SO pleased to discover their products as I'm not allowed to wear nail polish at work - not even a tiny little bit of leftover product! - and so I was absolutely delighted to discover their beautiful peel-off nail polishes. Even better, they come in some really lovely shades! Unfortunately I can't truthfully say that their polishes are 100% consistent, some are definitely better than others, but overall I am so glad to have discovered this brand as they fill a niche that was definitely one I needed. Even if this wasn't something you required quite as much as I did, it's still lovely to have something that doesn't require you to spend twenty minutes trying to scrub it all off with varnish remover! If you're interested in reading a bit more, you can find my review of Little Ondine here!
Runner Up: My runner up would have to be The Body Shop, who make some absolutely beautiful nail polish shades.

Fragrance of the Year... (note: picture is of the runner up!)
Winner: Honestly, this topic is probably the one that's the most difficult for me as I own a LOT of perfume. Literally, as I write this I am waiting for two more to be delivered. I love, love LOVE fragrances. However, my favourite of the year is going to have to go to Dot, by Marc Jacobs. I wouldn't say it's my absolute favourite scent, but it is the one that I wear the most consistently. It comes in a beautiful bottle and is a really versatile scent that is interesting but not overpowering.
Runner Up: This is cheating a bit as it's actually four perfumes, but my runner up product of choice is my Dior Addict set. And, honestly, if I had any full sizes of these perfumes, they might actually rank higher! I bought a little four set of these at the airport and I love all of them so much. If the bottles were a bit more useful and came with a spray I'd wear them a lot more, and if I got hold of any full sizes they may even have taken over! I've written a little post about these which you can read here.

Foundation of the Year...
Winner: This is an easy one as it's the first liquid foundation that I've ever used more than once! The Body Shop's Fresh Nude Foundation is my definite winner in this category. It is a lovely, light foundation that really does leave your skin feeling super soft and looking great. It's also like magic, because it's such a light foundation but at the same time my skin just looks SO much better when I'm wearing it. It's caused me to look a bit oily at times but it's also one of the few products that has never caused me to break out. If you'd like to read my full review of this foundation, you can do so here! 
Runner Up: My runner up product may not technically be classed as a foundation, but it's what I always wore it as - my Gosh BB Powder! It helped that this product perfectly matched my skin tone, but it was always a lovely product for the days when I don't feel like wearing a more full on foundation. You can view my mini review of it, here!

Eyeshadow of the Year...
Winner: My eyeshadow of the year goes to a bit of a cliche but all the same; Urban Decay's Naked 2 Basics. I really like this palette as though obviously it's all natural shades, there are a good variety and none of them are shimmery or glittery which is definitely something I don't understand in a natural palette. The colours are of good quality and are easy to apply and even the build of the palette itself is great - I trust this little box in my handbag! You can read my full review of this product here.
Runner Up: Honestly? Don't have one. I have a few other eyeshadows I use but not with any consistency, so there's nothing definitive I can place here!

Mascara of the Year...
Winner: I'm sure this comes to no surprise to anyone who reads my blog, because I absolutely LOVE Benefit's They're Real. It's such a consistent mascara, it's so simple to apply, it never lets me down! And perhaps most importantly, it never leaves me with random mascara blobs on my face when I repeatedly forget I'm wearing it and rub my eyes. This isn't the cheapest mascara but it's 100% worth it, to the extent that I have a few bottles of this that I picked up in a sale! Read my mini review of it here. 
Runner Up: Perhaps an unexpected one, but for me it's My Little Box's mascara. This is a brilliant quality mascara and definitely the best beauty product I ever received in a beauty box! It creates a fuller look than They're Real does so I don't wear it all that often, but it's still one of my favourites by far.

Moisturiser of the Year...
Winner: This was the year that I moved away from Lush for my moisturisers! Before this year I pretty exclusively rotated between two Lush products, however this year I've had SUCH bad luck with them. I don't know why but they've become really unreliable for me and the consistency has just been out, so I experimented with a few Body Shop products. My favourite has been this Aloe Soothing Day Cream, which I don't think is a new product at all but its been a great discovery for me! It's lovely and soft and though it does leave me a bit shiny it does the job and doesn't cause me to break out! You can view my review of this product here.
Runner Up: Aside from being another Body Shop product, my runner up product is almost the complete opposite. My runner up product of choice is TBS' Intense Moisture Cream from their lovely Vitamin E range. It's really thick so I only usually use it at night or when my skin is urgently demanding it (when I had bad sun burn is a time that comes straight to mind!) and you can view my mini review of it here.  

So there you have it - my beauty products of the year! Have you tried any of these? What were your favourites?

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