Monday, 25 January 2016

My New Perfumes: Lacoste's Touch of Pink and Katy Perry's Killer Queen

 There are two things that I can guarantee I will pick up in the boxing day sales every single year. The first of these are Lush goodies, and the second is some sort of perfume gift box. I find it a bit odd really, as I will eye a perfume up for a while and then on boxing day find that the gift box goes to half price (less than the price of the perfume on its own) whilst the perfume remains at exactly the same price. So I end up with the perfume and a bunch of extra goodies, which admittedly as a general rule I don't actually care about, for less than the price of the bottle. Madness. Anyway, let's go on and take a look at the two I picked up this year...

 First up, with have Lacoste's Touch of Pink. I really like the boxing for this perfume - it's simple, sums up the product, and I think it looks really nice.

 It's the same for the products itself - I think the cream looks really nice, and the perfume does as well. The bottle for this perfectly sums up the product as it's simple but classy with just a hint of colour to it which is really accurate as far as the scent itself is concerned.

 Now onto the perfume itself! Honestly, I'm a little surprised I ended up buying this one this year. Not because of anything to do with the scent as it's a very pleasant one - but I've been enjoying this product for literally years and years, so I'd normally be pretty sure that if I was going to buy it I would have done it long before now. Touch of Pink is a very pleasant and subtle scent. It's really versatile and doesn't stand out too much, which is why it's become my new every day perfume that I wear when all I'm doing that day is going to work. It's a soft but happy scent that I really enjoy for every day use. On a more technical level, the notes in Touch of Pink include predominately orange, coriander leaves and cardomom seeds.

 Next up we have Katy Perry's Killer Queen. And first of all, I hate this box. It's such an ugly box. I wouldn't have even looked twice at it if I didn't already know I liked the perfume. It's just... so clearly aimed at really young teenagers. I don't like anything about it.

 This one came with two extra products.

 I'm being quite negative about this product in this review, but I do actually really like the scent itself. It's a very strong and powerful scent and it is definitely one where a little bit goes a long way. It's very rich and I think this could be one where you go either way on how you feel about it. I really like it, and I knew I wanted it ever since I first caught a scent of it on someone else about a year ago. Everyone else I mentioned it to also really liked it, however it's such a strong scent that this may be off putting to some.This perfume has top notes of dark plum, wild berry and bergamot.

 The worst thing about this product? Okay, I guess it's not all that important, but the bottle sucks. I mean, if you look at the picture one above this you'd probably think it looks pretty cool and I'd agree with you. However, it's just stupid looking as a bottle if you own more than one perfume. It literally just looks like it's broken and fallen over. I don't quite get what they were going for when they wet with that. I can see it on my shelf as I write this and it looks like I have all these nice perfumes and then one in the middle that's fallen down, and no matter where I put it it looks the same. It's such an odd choice of design.
See? Beautiful bottles, and then the one in the middle that's fallen over. URGH.

Did you pick up any perfumes this year?

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