Friday, 22 January 2016

My Spa Wish List

So, back in January I made a little post all about my UK bucket list  and in that I mentioned that I had a separate list all planned out for spas I want to visit. And, finally, here it is!

I really, really love spas. I love massages. I like old stately homes and I like being fed super healthy food and acting like this is totally something I'm going to incorporate into my every day life. I love attending yoga classes and going to meditation every morning and I love just wondering around in my dressing gown and looking at the ducks (because every spa seems to have ducks, why is that?)

Here's my list of my top 7 English spas that I'd really like to visit, in no particular order!

Luton Hoo Hotel & Spa
Hoo Hotel

Anywhere that would make me decide that going on a trip to Luton of all places was a great idea would have to be pretty special, and this hotel certainly is. Look at it, it's bloody gorgeous, and actually not as expensive as you'd expect either. It's just so beautiful and classic and I think I could easily spend so much time here without ever even leaving the hotel grounds.

Kallima Spa at Hilton London Syon Park
By the way guys, before you get excited this is definitely one of those places that is very optimistic when it comes to stating that they are in London. But that's not the point. Look at that pool! I so want to be in that pool.The whole spa is so beautifully decorated, it manages to be both modern and really luxurious and I like how colourful and yet soothing it is.

Ashdown Park Hotel & Spa
I mean, just look at that. It would be like living in a castle for the weekend, and how cool would that be? I would basically be able to entertain myself with how beautiful the building is before I even got anywhere near the spa itself.

Tylney Hall
I would totally go there and act like I was rich and famous and this was all definitely my private residence. The spa and all of the facilities look so lovely and this is another one where I think I could spend so long just exploring the grounds and the area and learning all about the history of the place.

Alexander House Hotel
Yes, this is definitely yet another stately home on my list because clearly I do love them oh so much, but in this case what I wanted to show you was the pool. Look at that! Do you not feel relaxed just looking at it?! I certainly do!

Ockenden Manor Hotel & Spa
Perhaps not as grand as the others that have featured on my list, but Ockenden Manor is still a place I'd love to visit. It's in a lovely little Tudor village, and so the reason this place is on my list is for both the hotel and for the area itself. I'd really like to go and get pampered but I'd also love to explore the local area.

Macdonald Elmers Court Hotel
So, this gorgeous house is actually in the New Forest, and if you've read my previous bucket list post you'd know that that is a place I really want to visit. So I think this place could make for a lovely combo trip, as I could explore throughout the day and get all my adventure needs out of the way and then come back for some relaxation and some lovely food.

So, that's my spa wish list - what's on yours?


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