Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The Month Through Instagram: December 2015

 Left: A selfie of course! That I actually took in court, on a day that was a complete waste of time. I literally never wear smart clothes so I thought I would document it by, as you can clearly see, cropping it so that you can't see the clothes. But my hair looked good in this, which is amazing if you saw it right now. What a difference a month can make...
Middle: This is my new army of air fresheners. I bought four on sort of an impulse purchase because I wanted to try Amazon's one hour delivery and these seemed like a good way about it. I really really like them though. They release a spray every 45 minutes or so, which is sort of hilarious because my dog STILL hasn't got used to them and jumps every single time the one in the living room goes off. I do really like these, at first I was worried they'd be too strong, and then that the opposite would happen and I'd get too used to the scent as I bought the same scent for each, but its not the case at all. I definitely still smell it but it's not overwhelming at all and I'm possibly overly pleased by these.
Right: I had an absolutely delicious meal at a restaurant called Lyle's in Shoreditch. BUT, I'm not going to tell you any more about this at the moment because there's a post coming on Wednesday 20th which will tell you all about this lovely place!
Left: I love this gorgeous little tree. This tiny little beauty is actually from Waitrose. At first we were debating whether or not it was real, but when I worked out that it was I just HAD to have it. I think it's so cute and it's covered in glitter. I don't know why I like it quite so much, but I really really do. Also, it's still alive! Which is amazing for me. PLEASE LIVE.
Middle: I don't really have anything to say about this one, I just thought it looked cool :-)
Right: Two selfies in one month? Madness. Actually though, the reason I took this picture was because I wanted to get a picture of my coat. And as with the first one, therefore you can hardly see it... Seriously though, this coat is my new favourite thing. It's from Forever 21 and it's got a gorgeous print and a lovely fluffy texture. I like it so so much!

Left: I went to the Natural History Museum to see their new exhibition on human evolution. Whilst there I had a quick browse of their shop and came across this funny looking fellow in his Christmas jumper. I LOVE HIM and he actually was really reasonably overpriced. They had a few other interesting things in there, some books I ended up buying for friends and this amazing Christmas jumper with dinosaur patterns on it - I would totally have bought that if it hadn't been so expensive!
Middle: This is my quite interesting lunch from when I finally managed to visit Pedler, in Peckham. And again, I'm not going to tell you any more about it just yet because there's a post that you can read coming up on the 27th.
Right: So while you guys were all having your traditional Christmas dinners, this is what I cooked on the 25th! This is a sauce I made with tomatoes, halloumi, onions, chillis...all mixed in with pasta. Guys, this was seriously good! I made another for five portions and I still really enjoy eating this. Normally when I batch cook something I eat it maybe twice and then eventually throw it out because I can't remember what it is anymore. This was actually delicious with a kick to it and probably pretty good for me as well. If anyone's interested in the recipe I'll put it up!

What's your favourite Instagram picture of the month? And if you want to see all of my pictures, follow me on Instagram!

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