Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Winter Wonderland Afternoon Tea at the Chesterfield, Mayfair

 I recently visited the Chesterfield Hotel in Mayfair for their Winter Wonderland afternoon tea. I do love a good afternoon tea and my absolute favourites are themed ones, so I was so happy to finally come across this one. I've been looking for a good wintery or Christmassy one in a while and nothing was quite fulfilling what I wanted. Most looked like the ordinary afternoon tea except they'd shoved the word "Christmas" in front of it and decided to up the price tag as well, whilst the others that looked like they'd put some effort into it had gone up by way too much. Therefore I was really pleased to come across this cute afternoon tea over the Chesterfield.

By the way, apologies in advance for the photos. Unfortunately these ones and the photos in my next restaurant review were both taken whilst my friend was on holiday with both my cameras, so phone quality it'll have to be.

 First up, we had the sandwiches. The salmon sandwiches that you can see in the middle are absolutely the best sandwiches I've ever had with an afternoon tea, they were SO GOOD. The other sandwiches I didn't like so much though of course had my half of them, but that wasn't a problem as my friend absolutely loved them - to the extent that he had a second plate all to himself. That's another thing I really liked about this afternoon tea by the way - you can never quite be sure how much you're going to get with these sort of places. Some places will refil plates but be a bit funny about it, some will let you replace just one level, some won't let you at all. The Chesterfield were very happy to refill our plates, and in this case actually offered to. When they noticed we were halfway through our scones they came to ask if we'd like more sandwiches, to which my friend immediately said yes and asked about more scones as well which they were happy to provide. Once the second level of sandwiches had gone they were back around to ask yet again - but this time my friend was way too full!
 Some lovely scones - pretty much always my favourite part!

 How cute? The little snowman on the cupcake was adorable. The cheesecake was beautifully rich. The yule log was lovely. What you can't see in the picture is that there's a macaroon - neither of us like macaroons, but we both still really enjoyed this one.
 By the way, the 'soil' that this Christmas tree is sitting in? Chocolate mousse! Wasn't expecting that one at all but it was absolutely delicious. I wish I could buy an entire tray of these.
Overall the Chesterfield provided a great afternoon tea experience and I definitely plan on returning. There was a lot of attention to detail to make an interesting tea, the service was really good and the atmosphere in general was really nice. Also, they have a horribly effective marketing ploy to get us to return so I sort of have to anyway - at the end of this tea you do a sort of lucky dip to get an envelope. In this envelope is something that may or may not tell you that you've won something at the hotel - but the trick is, you have to open it together next time you go for an afternoon tea so you can't just check it at home. And I've checked, there's no way of opening the envelope without making it obvious you've done so, and unfortunately I'm just too curious so do have to go back to find out!

Winter Wonderland afternoon tea finished a week ago and cost £35. However, do not fear as it looks like they are now doing Charlie & The Chocolate Factory afternoon tea which looks equally fantastic and that I'm definitely going to try and attend!

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