Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Bar Review: Ice Bar London

 I recently attended a blogger event (courtesy of Lauren) to the wonderful Ice Bar London, a place I'd been wanting to visit for quite a long time but have just never got round to.

Before we were allowed to venture into the Ice Bar itself, we were divided into three groups and spent some time with everyone together enjoying the downstairs bar which was a much more ordinary and perfectly warm bar! We were all given a delicious free drink - but most importantly, were also able to sample lots and lots of delicious canapes which were SO GOOD. I wasn't expecting much from the food as bar food is so often just there seemingly because they feel they SHOULD serve something, but the food was so good. When I return here, I'll definitely be ordering some of the food choices!

 We also met the very lovely events manager at Ice Bar who gave us a talk and some information on the bar. He was great at this and seemed genuinely enthusiastic to have so many bloggers at the bar! He gave lots of information and made a real effort to circle the room and have at least a little bit of a chat with everyone who was there which was very much appreciated.
 At last - we were able to go into the bar itself, donning our giant hoods and our mittens!
 I was mostly impressed by all these beautiful skulls - including one very giant one! I don't know why but I didn't expect such artistic pieces to be there - I was expecting the place to be much more basic, with some ice chairs and tables or something!

 The drinks are also served in these glasses made of ice - which is a bit of an ordeal! Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed it, but you end up unsure as to whether you should be enjoying your delicious drink or downing it so you can stop holding the glass as soon as possible!
I spent the majority of the evening with these lovely bloggers - Sophie, Chanel, and Nevena. It was great to finally meet Becky as well!

Overall I had a great time at the event. Ice Bar is amazing and very much a unique experience. There's so much to look at and the drinks are delicious as well! It was also a very friendly and social event - I've found a lot of blogger events are a bit difficult to be at, an opinion shared by some of the other people I spoke to, but this event was fantastic so I definitely need to attend more of Lauren's in the future :-) You can check out Ice Bar's website here!

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