Friday, 5 February 2016

Follow Friday 006

001. Josie wrote a brilliant post full of tips for bloggers covering all sorts of areas and formats. I think thist post would be particularly useful for you if you're a new blogger, but contains plenty of information and is a good read even for the more experienced writers! Plus, of course, the post is filled with lots of lovely photos of Josie!

002. I know I feature a lot of posts from Amber, but, well, she just keeps writing such good content. She's written a brilliant post by taking a look at the google search results have somehow managed to lead people to her blog. As always, there's plenty of very strange ones in there that Amber has done her best to provide answers to! I think this is such a funny post as sometimes the leads you get truly are random.

003. Polly wrote a post all about her recent restaurant disappointments. I can't help it, I really like posts that are that little bit negative. As much as it's nice to read happy posts and blogs that are just plain happy in general, I love reading a bit of a rant post and reading some negative feedback along the way. No idea why!

004. The news of the new body shapes of Barbie dolls has been very interesting - while most reviews I've read have been positive, Jaclyn wrote a new post about her opinions of the change that I found very interesting. It's a longer post but definitely worth a read!

005. Aly posted all about a new subscription box called House of Wonderland. I've never heard of this box before and won't be getting it just yet as I want to hang back and see what the quality of the boxes is like - but I think this one looks great, and Aly posted some wonderful pictures!

Want to be included?
In order to be in my Follow Friday posts, you just need to have written a blog post that I've come across and enjoyed reading. That's it! Of course the blog posts that I read tend to be from blogs I already follow or that I see mentioned through Bloglovin or Twitter, but I'm always looking around for new blogs and posts to have a look at so you've still got a good chance of being included even if I don't follow you anywhere. If you'd like me to have a look at your post, come follow me at @pinkconfettiuk on Twitter and go and leave me a tweet with the link and a quick description in response to this tweet! You can use more than one as I keep the same link up for a month or so!


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