Monday, 15 February 2016

My Experiences with Blog Advertising

Last month I came across a post all about advertising that I found really interesting over on The Prosecco Diaries, which you can read here. I really enjoyed this post and thought it was such a good idea as you never really know what you're getting when it comes to advertising with other blogs. Some blogs have an enormous amount of followers but you find no one actually seems to come over to your blog from there. Some have the opposite; a small amount of followers, but those that they do have are really dedicated and flood over to come and check out yours!

Therefore, clearly heavily influenced, I decided I'd have a post of my advertising experiences as well, and decided to order them in price order - although, to be fair, I have advertised with some blogs more than once in which case I've just picked a price at random out of the options I took! I've included seven blogs, but before I start I want to make it very clear that you shouldn't take anything you read in this post as a certainty. What works for me may not work for you. And if I didn't have much luck with a particular blog, that doesn't mean you won't, nor is it saying anything negative about that blog or the blogger behind it! I also want to make it clear that though in some cases I've mentioned number of clicks, some bloggers, myself included, also promote you through other posts - and in my experience the majority of your clicks come through that which can't really be tracked.

Noor's Place - $3.50
This is one of the earliest ads I placed and I had literally no luck with it whatsoever. Literally, not a single click. I know this one wasn't very expensive but still, this was a disappointment! I'm not sure what caused this, if I remember correctly Noor wasn't very active that month. Life just got in the way as it somehow does, and she was perfectly honest about this afterwards as she felt bad and offered me another ad space to make up for it. I think this one shows that you do need the blogger in question to be active - and if life gets in the way, which it so often does, this does impact your advertisement! Well, normally anyway. We'll get back to that one as it's not always the case as you'll see later on...!

Daydreams of Summertime - $4.90
I've advertised over here twice, and both times I had similar results. Not too many results, but definitely worth it for the price and the amount of effort that's put into helping promote you which is
always something I really appreciate.

Daydream in Blue - $8.00
I advertised with Tom a couple of times, and, I'll be entirely honest, I never saw much come of it. I never really noticed any new followers coming through or anything mentioned in my referrals. However, saying that, I never actually minded too much - I really, really, REALLY liked this blog, and I was happy to support it.

Sunny Sweet Pea - $21.24
This is another one I didn't ever have any luck with - but I have advertised here more than once so clearly I really wanted this one to work. Out of 5k views I got 15 clicks. I definitely got a follower or two out of this one as I remember a few people mentioning it, so what does matter is that some of those that did take a look ended up deciding to come and be followers. That being said this was a disappointment to me as this was one of my earliest attempts at advertising so of course I'd have loved to see it be a bit more effective for me.

From Roses - $37.00
So here's a strange one. This is one of the blogs I advertised with most recently and I had brilliant success from it. I saw a LOT of click throughs, and this blog was pretty consistently listed in my top referrers each day so I was really, really happy with this one and definitely consider it worth the money. However, here's the odd thing. I thought this was the first time I advertised with From Roses, however I looked back and I apparently did a few months ago, with no luck whatsoever! Strange how things work I suppose, but I've decided to ignore the first attempt because the second one went so well.

Cider with Rosie - $52.00
I've advertised with Rosie a couple of times because I really appreciate the effort she puts in to helping to promote you, particularly through Twitter. I found that in terms of gaining click throughs or followers, it's actually pretty random. Sometimes I did, sometimes I didn't, despite Rosie always putting a pretty consistent amount of effort into promoting you. I can only assume that maybe it came down to time of year, or maybe I was just writing better content at different times.

Sprinkle of Glitter - $65.00
So, here's a complete contrast to my very first mention. When I advertised with Louise, she hardly posted that month. I was actually pretty worried about it because this is a lot of money to be spending and then when she posted maybe once or twice in the month I was definitely worried that I'd just chucked money straight down the drain! However, Louise is such a massive YouTuber and blogger that it really didn't matter. She still put effort into her monthly advertisers post and I saw SO many people come through because of it. To the extent that even months after, I'd still randomly see a trickle of a few people coming through in my referrals. So in the case of Louise where you're pretty massively known, the amount you're posting REALLY doesn't matter. But for your average blogger? Definitely does!

How does this compare to your experiences with advertising?

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