Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Nakd Bars: A Review

Recently, my desire to be healthy has been at an all time high. I've been cooking so much more, juicing a lot more, and trying to fit a lot more yoga into my day. However, it's not been a complete success; my gym motivation has been at an all time low (seriously, I pay £80 a month and last month went a grand total of once. ONCE.) and I'm still snacking just as much as I always do on whatever I can get my hands on. Therefore, I was pretty happy when I was offered a box of Nakd bars* to try out as I've long been intrigued by them, especially now their beautiful adverts are covering the walls of my local tube station!

One of the first things that appealed to me about the Nakd bars is that they were dairy free. Very few things are, and while I'm not completely lactose intolerant, I'm also not the best with the stuff. My co-worker saw me as I took the first one out of my bag and was very quick to tell me that he had lots of them at his house as they were one of the few bars he found that were vegetarian friendly as well. 

But the thing that appealed to me the most? The flavours! Look at all of those beautiful name choices! I was really stuck with which ones to eat first (apart from cocoa mint. I don't want me some cocoa mint. Mint and chocolate should not be a thing.) so I went the good old fashioned way of closing my eyes and picking one out of the box lucky dip style. Every day. Yep.

Here's a look at the ingredients - as you can see, very healthy and pure! Actually, even more so than I expected them to be. I knew they were a healthier choice and of course I'd seen that they describe the products as a raw fruit and nut bar, but for some reason I was still expecting a lot more to have been piled into them.

So the important thing - how do they taste? Well, I was initially a bit surprised when I opened the first one as the texture is absolutely nothing how I expected. I expected them to be a bit more like a flapjack or something in texture I think as most other bars I've tried have been. These are much more solid and not at all crumbly and are a little bit sticky. However - they were delicious! My first one was a lovely berry flavoured one that definitely lived up to expectations, followed by a cashew cookie which I was initially unsure about but still found myself wanting more of after. I also found myself really enjoying pecan pie, of course loving bakewell tart - and I still can't tell you how I feel about that mint one because I'm a little bit afraid of it but I'll get to it eventually, promise.

Overall, I'm really glad I got the chance to try Nakd bars. They've become part of my daily routine as I take one to work with me every day and either have it with lunch or as a snack in between lunch and dinner depending on what shift I'm working. Nearly all of them have been delicious and I feel healthier eating them as otherwise I would just be constantly eating Kit Kats. I love that there's such a big variety of flavours so there's bound to be one that suits you - though Berry Delight is the flavour I would recommend the most!

You can find out more about Nakd bars over at the NaturalBalanceFoods website where you can also purchase yourself a box, and they're available all over the place if you'd like to give one a try! What's your favourite flavour? :-)

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