Monday, 1 February 2016

The Month Through Instagram - January 2016

  •  The month started off COLD and so it seemed like it was finally the perfect oppurtunity to start using some bath bombs. I got this one in the boxing day sale, and on NYE I ended up working a horrificly long night shift so I definitely needed this one, everything ached! :-( 
  • My favourite sale items always end up being Lush goodies and chocolate, and I got the lovely reindeer super cheap. I bought a few as gifts for friends and, uh, a few for myself too...
  • Finally, I'm not a coffee lover at all, but these limited edition kit kats are absolutely delicious. The odd thing is, the only place I've ever seen them are in the vending machine at work, and they appear there at random. I check it basically every day because I LOVE THEM.

  •  Guys, this month I accidentally got trendy and bought an Olympus pen. What's funny is I didn't realise it had become *THE* blogger camera until afterwards when I googled it to find some tips on how to use it. Although, I seem to have gone for the colour choice that absolutely no one else has so at least I still have hipster rights.
  • I made this really healthy mac and cheese. Mac and cheese is basically my favourite thing but to make it healthier I used some posh garlic and herb cheese and added leek and mushroom. It's alright actually, but I do prefer the old fashioned one! The mushrooms made a great addition but I think I overdid it with the leek.
  • Just a humble yet delicious cupcake :-)

  •  I went for a lovely meal at a Peruvian restaurant called Lima. There's a post on this coming up most likely next month so you'll be able to see more photos of it then :-)
  • I made this paella with peas and beef and I was impressed with it! It also froze really well.
  • I got this mug as a present, and I just love it :-)

  • This month, I've been eating a lot of Nakd bars. A LOT. And if you're interested in them, come back on Wednesday as I have a little post all about them :-)
  • I went to Ice Bar this month as part of Lauren's fabulous blogger event. How awesome does it look? So awesome. Well ,if you want to see more photos from the event check back in two weeks :-)
  • If you follow me on Twitter, you'll have seen how house hunting has currently completely taken over my life. IT'S SO HARD. London sucks. (But I don't want to leave!) Anyway, after lots of searching and way too much rejection it looks like I've finally found my dream place - and it actually looks like they may take me! Anyway, this bakery is underneath the flat and it's so lovely. I want to make it my new local and eat their delicious fresh bread every day (without the price tag pls)

Whew! That's January through instagram. And if you want to see all my instagram pictures - go follow me!


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