Monday, 14 March 2016

10 Ways Things Are Going to be Different in my New Flat

Whilst many people like to try new ways of living once NYE hits, I've always found that a pretty unrealistic way of doing things. My habits that I've been sticking to aren't suddenly going to change just because the date has. I'm still going to get the same cravings at the same times, I'm still going to know where the cheeky emergency snacks are hidden, I'm still not going to want to go to that gym class that I don't actually enjoy.

However, at the time this post has been uploaded, I will have moved house yesterday. And I've decided that actually, moving house is the perfect opportunity to make some life changes. I'm still living in London but in a different part in a completely different flat, and therefore what better time to start some positive habits and routines rather than having to fight off some negative ones? So these are what I've come up with...

  1. Eat fruit, every week. I'm good at eating veg, and despite loving fruit I just don't eat it. I think it's because it's not part of my routine, so I end up buying it with good intentions and then it just goes in my fridge and slowly rots because I don't even think about it. So I want to start making sure I'm eating at least a piece a week, or at the very least juicing it.
  2. Keep cooking once a week. I'll be living much closer to a big superstore, so no more relying on remembering to do an online order. Each week on my first rest day, I'm going to go do the shopping for the week and make sure I'm cooking something.
  3. Have friends over more - I've got a big, clean flat now! Make the most of it.
  4. On that note, when friends are over - do more! No more having people over just for takeaways and to watch movies. I'm not saying do dinner parties every week, but find more to do.
  5. Go outside at least once a day. On some rest days I manage to get away with really doing nothing at all. I'm so tired after a long week especially if it's been over six days that if I can get away with it, on my first rest day I will usually do literally nothing aside from the essentials like laundry. I can cheat a little here as I've got a fairly large terrace now which I'm fully intending on filling with plants and other greenery, so this means it counts even if I just go and sit on the terrace to read a book.
  6. Gym. Once a week. Do it. The gym and the pool are going to be about a five minute walk away. I haven't worked out whether or not to get a monthly membership or pay as you go yet, but I need to do this. There's free workouts in the park so I've decided it counts even if I just attend one of those or go jogging around it.
  7. Clean weekly. Something. It doesn't matter what. I think this will be easier as a flat is obviously less hassle than a house and I won't have my dog anymore so there won't be quite so much hair all the time all over the place.
  8. Online shopping? Stop it. In fact, Nicola, you're going back to the sale shopping. I've noticed that some stores don't take long for everything to go into the sale anyway, and now I'm going to be living next to a big shopping area it'll be much easier for me to just sort of window shop on my way home. I'd never try and stop myself from shopping, but a quick browse of the sales is going to be better for me I think.
  9. Budget! My rent is going up by quite a bit. I'm still going to have enough to live on and have fun with but I want to make sure I'm still saving something. Admittedly, I'm not going to be an adult about this. My saving priority is no longer going towards buying a house (more on that rant in a future post) but on making sure I can still have nice holidays each year, but I'm going to start using a spending app to track what I'm doing and to make sure I'm not going over a certain amount each week.
  10. See my normal houred friends too, at least once every two weeks. I've said every two weeks because there are occasional weeks where my hours are so appalling that I would never be able to see anyone. Right now my circle of friends typically includes other shift workers, because it's much easier to know that on a Thursday morning when I'm not at work til 3pm that there are certain other people who will also be off, and that there's a bit less competition for their time. I want to try to make sure I'm seeing the others a bit more too.
Right, that's my list! Let's hope I stick to some of this...!


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