Friday, 11 March 2016

Follow Friday 007

First of all, guys, a disappointing announcement that probably no one cares about but me! Whilst in Thailand I bookmarked loads of posts I wanted to include in Follow Fridays and somehow all of them are vanished. So this post may be a little shorter than I was planning on it being, but hopefully you find some posts and blogs you enjoy reading in it all the same!

001. Cat wrote this brilliant post about truths we don't like to admit in our twenties. I love posts like this, that manage to be both entertaining and depressingly realistic, and I think it definitely contains plenty of points that we can all relate to. I also follow Cat's blog now, so expect to see some more posts from her included here!

002. Holly put up a really useful post all about how she curates and edits her instagram. Personally, the effort I put into mine doesn't go any further than taking a picture and using one of the two filters that I actually like, but I always appreciate seeing what other people do and her post does contain some really good information.

003. Jordan wrote a post all about the new Creme Egg cafe that's been lurking around. I am actually not a fan of creme eggs at all but I LOVED this post. It's hard to capture what I loved about it, so really you should probably just go and have a quick read of it! I even want to go there as a result of reading it!

004. Angie recently visited the Mandarin Oriental for afternoon tea and posted the most beautiful photos of the whole experience. I'm a big afternoon fan but typically stick to the cheaper places unless it's a particular brand that has won me over and I know I can trust them. Otherwise I think you're spending an extortionate amount on what is essentially sandwiches and some pastry and I struggle to see how you can justify the cost. HOWEVER, Angie's photos have made me so urgently want to visit the Mandarin Oriental for their tea! The presentation is amazing (Just look at that bird cage!) and I just want to try all of those little cakes so bad.

005. Josie is one of the few fashion bloggers I follow as I just love her photoshoots. They are so pretty - she wears beautiful outfits and even when the actual fashion isn't to my taste the actual photoset is always so lovely that I take a look at it anyway. Therefore I think it's brilliant that she's posted this guide on taking brilliant fashion shoots! If fashion blogging is something you're interested in, it's definitely worth checking out.

Want to be included?
In order to be in my Follow Friday posts, you just need to have written a blog post that I've come across and enjoyed reading. That's it! Of course the blog posts that I read tend to be from blogs I already follow or that I see mentioned through Bloglovin or Twitter, but I'm always looking around for new blogs and posts to have a look at so you've still got a good chance of being included even if I don't follow you anywhere. If you'd like me to have a look at your post, come follow me at @pinkconfettiuk on Twitter and go and leave me a tweet with the link and a quick description in response to this tweet! You can use more than one as I keep the same link up for a month or so!

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