Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Gemporia Wishlist

I've recently been introduced to Gemporia*, a jewellery store with a bit of a difference. Gemporia make beautiful items using genuine gemstones, working alongside The Colourful Life Foundation, a charity set up to improve health and education facilities in the areas the gems are found.

Of course, Gemporia also make some really pretty jewellery, and I've selected six of my favourite pieces to share with you today. I am a fan of bright colours so I was really spoiled by the selection. In particular, there's so many lovely purple pieces that I had to really resist the urge to just make my entire wishlist items from that collection! I've only included pieces that I consider affordable in this wishlist as I like to make it items that I may actually have the chance to own one day; as gorgeous as some of the wedding rings etc are!

Pink & White Topaz Ring; £29.99. It's really funny to me that the first three items I've chosen to show you are rings, as I just don't wear rings. I never have. I like looking at them on other people but find them kind of irritating to wear on myself and I'm never quite sure where to put them - yet I LOVE these three. In particular, I love the colours on this ring. It's a simple design and yet it really stands out!

Amethyst Ring; £29.99. This is such a gorgeous ring! It's simple and yet I think really attention grabbing and I think it would match such a big variety of outfits. I think this ring looks a little more casual than the others but still really fashionable.

Amethyst & White Topaz Ring; £19.00. Another gorgeous ring, though I'd say this is the more formal looking of the three I've chosen. I think this ring looks so much more expensive than it actually is and looks really classy. I think this one would look great paired with some evening wear for a nice meal out!

Exotic Gem Necklace; £86.00. By far the prettiest piece I think, and the most similar item to the jewellery I normally wear. This is colourful, interesting, unique, and I just love everything about it!

White Topaz Pendant; £29.00. I think this piece more or less speaks for itself because how cute is this little swan? It's a gorgeous design and the swan looks great. This is probably the most versatile piece I've picked and would work for near enough any occassion you can think of!

Exotic Gem Pendant; £41.00. The final lovely piece, I've chosen this one as it reminds me of some of my own travels. When I visited Tanzania and Kenya a few years ago I loved the bright designs and clashing colours that I saw everywhere and I loved the beautiful jewellery and fashion pieces the locals created with them. This pendant really reminds me of those and brings back such good memories I just had to include it!

That's my Gemporia favourites; have you ordered anything from them? What are your favourite pieces?

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