Wednesday, 23 March 2016

New Flat Tour!

So as most of you will already have noticed, I moved house! And what an ordeal it has been! I love my new flat and my new location, and have got the basic touches down in terms of decorating now. Some areas are still lacking - in particular there's a corner of my room which try as I might I just can't quite get to look complete, and the entire terrace area is empty right now because I ran out of money but will eventually have an outdoor seating area and lots of plants and mini trees.

I've not moved too far and am now living in East London with a lovely view of Canary Wharf. I've not included any photos of the view because it just makes it way too obvious where I live I'm afraid! I'm dealing with new photo taking dilemmas that I did not expect, such as the fact that I thought floor to ceiling windows would be amazing for lighting but in fact just means that it causes all sorts of weird light issues. My flat isn't the easiest to take pictures of as though I love it and the layout, for some reason the layout itself makes it quite difficult to get good photos of - especially with the previously mentioned lighting problem which is fine in reality but awful for photos!
I've not included a complete photo of my room as it just doesn't look right yet, and the dining room is missing too because I can't get a picture of it without making it painfully obvious exactly where I live. But enjoy a brief look at some snippets of the new place, and hopefully I'll be able to post a completed one for you soon :-)

The first couple of pictures are all from my room. There you can see a bit of a view and my lovely new fake flowers - these are from Next.

 Next to the flowers live my new reed diffuser. This sits underneath my new unit which I'm very proud of! I spent ages building it and somehow it all fit perfectly in my room. These scents are from Next and in Apricot Blossom which is a lovely smell - I also really loved their citrusy one.

 View from my bedroom - I'm on the side overlooking the residents garden.

 This is just a minutes walk away and I already don't make as much use of it as I should!

 My friendly neighborhood geese.

 This is half of my terrace. I'm actually super lucky to have this terrace and I can't wait to do something decent with it. It's about double the size you see here but right now the other half is filled with boxes that don't as of yet have anywhere to go and stuff that hasn't been unpacked! The bottom half is glass and the top half is open so I think it'll be a great little seating area.

 The lounge, which is bigger than it looks but won't be photographed properly! To the side of this is the terrace and behind is the dining area and then the kitchen.

 More from my room! I love these flowers, they're from Next as well. I found that Next do fantastic artificial flowers. I had a look around all the big department stores and homeware stores and found that most of them were charging absolutely extortionate prices, Next was the only place I found that did them for a reasonable price - and they were pretty as well!

 Kitchen! The kitchen is a lot bigger than it looks but at an awkward angle to photograph. There's a lot of space and I love that the fridge is huge. It has an annoyingly high tec oven and hob that I don't really understand how to use and had a bit of a fight with but it makes up for it by having a pull out pantry which is my new favourite kitchen feature of all time and a DISHWASHER! I've never owned a dishwasher before. Life changer.

 Bathroom! The bathroom is another awkward thing to take a picture of but, well, you get the idea. The cupboards are nice and big and spacious which is good because I have way too big a backlog of bath products. I say as I sit here and wait for the Easter sales so I can buy all of Lush's range.

And finally, another view from inside the residents garden itself.

SO, that's a quick little look into my life at the moment! Hopefully I'll be able to update soon when all is completed.

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