Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Thailand Part 2 - Lampang & Chiang Mai

First of all, sorry to everyone who's waiting for me to reply to their emails and DMs. In case you missed it, I MOVED HOUSE, and omg so much more stressful and time consuming than I thought it would be. So, sorry. Will be getting there!

I did a cooking class whilst here. Look at what I made! So delicious.

I also learned about Thai instruments. And it was super awkward and went on much longer than it needed to, which at the time was sort of annoying but now is hilarious.
I also went for a bike ride around the villages. I didn't enjoy this ride as much as the last one as it was much more effort, haha. Lots of hills and it was all very uncomfortable, but that could be because my bike was too low at the beginning and by the time I noticed that it was too late. But it was still nice to see some lovely scenery!

Here's Chiang Mai for you! CHAOS.

But the night market is beautiful! It sells all sorts of interesting things. I got some shoes from there, a Michael Kors handbag, (I mean, its obviously fake. Or I got a incredible deal as I paid about £20 for it. But it's a red one in the exact shade and style I wanted and it looks perfect and, y'know, wasn't £300) and this gorgeous vest top with lots of colourful elephants all over it.

There was also what looked like phenomenal ice cream, but really really wasn't.

The most important part of my holiday - the elephants! In addition to these elephants, I also visited an elephant hospital, but you won't find any pictures of there as I found it to be a bit depressing to be honest. However I also visited the Elephant Nature Park, which takes on elephants that have been injured or mistreated through things such as being beaten, being used to pull logs, being used to give rides or that have hurt themselves by stepping on landmines etc. The elephants are able to roam freely (to the extent that at one point I had to run because the elephant wanted my bag) and are basically highly motivated by food to hang out in one spot with you. If the elephant doesn't want to participate, it doesn't have to. Anyway. Elephant spam!

I bloody love Asian elephants. Look at how much personality they have! I remember meeting the elephants in Africa and being kind of meh about the situation, as odd as that sounds. But I LOVE Asian elephants. They're smaller, I think they're a bit cuter, and they just have lots more personality. Look how happy she is to see you!

This is a terrible picture to end it on. Look at my hair - what is it doing?! Look at my face, what is it doing?! But the elephant looks cool, so it's staying.

Part three is coming next week :-)

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