Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Beauty Review: Superdrug's New Face Masks

It has been a really, really long time since I used packet face masks as I'm pretty sure for at least the last five years or so I've exclusively used Lush's fresh masks. Therefore I wasn't really sure what to expect when I came across Superdrug's new packet masks, but optimistically decided to give them a try as I was really intrigued by the chocolatey ones.

Here's the three I picked up!

A chocolate orange self heating mask that claims to deeply purify and hydrate skin.

A white chocolate mousse mask, that cleanses and deeply nourishes skin.

And finally, as there was a deal for 3 for 2, I decided to also pick up this superfruits exfoliating mask that claims it will deeply purify pores and smooth skin.

I decided to give this one a go first. For, let's be real, no reason other than the fact that it was self heating and I thought that was pretty intriguing. 

The first thing that surprised me with this mask is just how strongly scented it was. It smelled SO strongly of delicious, wonderful chocolate, and I'd actually say the scent was better than Lush's Cupcake mask as it smelled much more natural. To the extent that I MAY have decided to taste just a little bit, in the name of blogging and of science you understand. And can confirm that unfortunately it tastes much more of chemicals than I'd expected it to, and therefore I'd advise that you probably don't do the same.

There's a lot in the packet and there was a lot left over, to the extent that my housemate got to have a mask on too. The warming is pretty instant and it feels surprisingly luxurious on your face. However, I will say this stuff is SO THICK and so goopy. The texture is pretty much exactly how you'd expect melted chocolate to be, so it feels a bit odd slopping it on your face.

It doesn't harden like some other masks do so you don't get the awkward moment where your face has frozen so much that you want to laugh, except that you can't because it hurts. It comes off easily and looks pretty gross on your washcloth, but again, comes off that easily enough. I didn't get the immediate glowy face feeling that I get when I use Lush's masks, but I can confirm that the day after my face did look better. Again, I don't get the next day fresh feeling that Lush gives me, but my skin definitely looked softer and I do feel like it did something.

This stuff is SO MESSY though. Action shot! My housemate was not impressed as he'd just cleaned the sink. It does come off, obviously, but wow. Everywhere.

I would recommend this mask. You don't get quite the amazing feeling after using it as you would with a Lush mask, BUT, you can keep these for a lot longer and they are a lot cheaper as well. The three I've used here were all 99p each, but Superdrug currently have a deal on where you can get three for two, bonus! Buy them from Superdrug, here.

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