Friday, 29 April 2016

Etsy Artwork Favourites

I have recently been looking for some new art for my bedroom and decided to turn to Etsy after finding nothing in the art stores that really matched my fancy. The main thing that was important to me was that there be two prints that match well enough, ideally from the same artist, and that they were colourful. That's it! Here's my ten top finds, with links to the shops/pieces so you can buy them too if you'd like!

 I absolutely LOVED these pictures, available here. I think they are absolutely beautiful and I spent ages just looking through the massive variety of paintings available, they are all so gorgeous and colourful and varied. The only reason I didn't pick these paintings is because I think they would clash with my room; my walls are completely white and minimalist and really the only decoration is lots and lots of flowers and I thought these would just clash a little bit too much, otherwise I would have gone for them in a second.
I really liked these funky giraffes! I don't have a preference between the pictures; the first one seems to be what is the instyle on Etsy at the moment only in giraffe format rather than the typical cityscape but I think it's so pretty, but I love the use of colour on the giraffe head as well. These giraffes are available here.

 Time for some florals! I thought these would be a good choice as my room is already filled with flowers, and there are so many different flowery designs to choose from. I like that they are simiplistic yet pretty, and these ones are the least expensive of the pictures I have featured here. I ended up deciding against these as I didn't want a complete flower overload, but if you're looking for some flowery pictures you can find them here!
Another pretty flowery option, but one that I didn't think would be flower overload like the ones above - the floral print is available here. Next to that we have a London print that I really did love, but ulimately decided to go with two different ones from the same artist which you'll see below.

And here are the two I chose! San Francisco and Paris. There are so many designs available in the shop and I loved most of them - there are even fictional places if you'd prefer! I had a real battle choosing between these three pictures. I think the London one is super pretty but I already have a similar London scene. It's interesting to me that I chose the Paris one as I don't actually particularly like the city, but I still thought the picture was beautiful. If you'd like to order some prints, you can get them from here!

There you go! When my canvases arrive I'll be sure to take some pictures to show you. I've also ordered some more from Etsy, some of which you'll have seen already if you follow me on Instagram - to be featured here soon!

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