Friday, 15 April 2016

Follow Friday 008

I have been really slacking on the Follow Friday front lately, but I've got excuses all ready, I promise.

Going to Thailand of course stopped me for a bit. Then I moved house. Then I made a list of posts I wanted to feature and somehow it vanished, and then the week that I had to basically dedicate to things like this, well, to be completely honest just didn't have any posts that I loved enough to feature.

However, that's all changed now and finally, Follow Friday is back with my recommendations of posts and blogs to read from the last few weeks :-)

001. Josie posted a beauty post all about products that look fantastic - which I thought was a brilliant idea! She posted lots of lovely photos and reviews of products that are packaged beautifully, and as always she had some really great choices. In particular, I agree with her featuring this Tarte palette, above. I probably wouldn't ever really use this palette as the colours just wouldn't work with me, but it's SUCH a beautiful palette that I kind of want to buy it anyway!

002. This week, I'm also featuring Danniella for the first time - she recently received this Pokemon Box from Zaavi and really was not impressed with what she found inside. Firstly, even though I read in the title that she had been disappointed by it I instantly wanted it just because POKEMON ANNIVERSARY! How could that not be great? Unfortunately, this box managed it!

003. Becky recently went to the London Transport Museum, and I loved her post on it. I have walked past that museum so many thousands of times and have had friends that really want to go and for some reason it's just never appealed to me, I really didn't think it would be interesting at all. But now I've looked at Becky's post I actually really want to go and see it, thanks to her stories and her great photos!

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