Friday, 8 April 2016

MAC's Eye Shadow Purple x 9 Review

I've not bought a MAC product in what must have been a good six years. This isn't any fault of theirs - I LOVE their eyeshadows, but I just felt like I already had the colours that I needed. And their foundations look amazing, but just never quite colour match me. And I don't wear lipstick enough (read: at all) so have no need for any of their lip products that everyone else raves about. However, I came across their x 9 products and I KNEW I'd have to go and take a look.

There were two from this range in particular that I was really interested in, and oddly, it seemed to be the opposite two products to everybody else. Everyone else I see reviewing these products seems to be really interested in the two more natural palettes, whilst I was all about the navy and the purples. Looking at pictures online I thought I'd choose the navy palette, but in person the purples just really stood out to me and had so many colours that I thought I was sure to use that I gave in and bought it for myself.

So here it is! As the name clearly implies, you get nine pretty purple shades in this palette. By the way, I'll mention here that all of the photos in this post are completely unedited and were taken next to my window, so you'll get as accurate an idea of the colours in these photos as it's possible to get!

It's also worth mentioning that the colours you get are pretty small. This is fine for me, as it'll fit nicely in even my smallest bag and because I know the chances of me ever finishing one anyway are pretty low. But if you're unsure on this range, do go and take a look in person as they may end up being smaller than you want them to be!

Here's the colours themselves.

Sweet Lust, Lightly Sugared, Poignant
Mancatcher, Satellite Dreams, Bon Nuit
After Dusk, Beauty Marked, Shadowy Lady

As you can see, despite all obviously being purples (Well, Sweet Lust is debatable, I'd say it is more of a pink!) there is a good variety of different shades and textures in the mix. My favourites are probably Poignant and Satellite Dreams but there are so many nice shadows in there. The majority of them apply how you'd expect from looking at them, though Beauty Marked is a lot darker when applied than I expected it to be and the glitter doesn't come out nearly as much as it looks!

Overall, I'm happy with these shadows and I'm looking forward to using them properly. As you'd expect, they're well pigmented and apply really nicely. I'm going to be using them for more simple looks, but if you're someone who likes to spend a lot of time on their makeup and creating different looks with them I'm sure you'd be able to layer these nicely to create all sorts of amazing looks!

This palette cost £30, and you can buy it yourself from MAC's website - here!

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