Friday, 1 April 2016

Snippets from March

 In March, I returned to a place I've previously reviewed for afternoon tea, The Chesterfield Mayfair. This time we went for their Charlie and the Chesterfield afternoon tea which was really good, although I'm not going to do a post about it as it's a bit too soon after the previous one. However, what I will say is unlike last time I did not try to drink tea (I hate tea and yet am always swayed by the fancy names) and instead went for their hot chocolate and it was actually amazing. It is most definitely the best hot chocolate I have ever had. I would recommend going there purely so you can drink some of that amazing goodness.

 I also moved house, and here is the last photo I took in my old place. Because I AM SO SAD about those toys. That giant Nemo in particular has been to a few houses and it was particularly painful to give him away, and also the penguin as it was literally a very recent gift so I felt pretty bad about that. I love all my stuffed animals but there's just not the space for them in the new place so they all got donated to charity shops but it was oddly painful.

 The first lunch in the new flat ended up being these fruit pancakes which are actually amazing. No, I didn't make them myself, they're from the cafe just underneath my flat but LOOK, SO GOOD.

  Home decor became a big thing this month, and I've already posted about my love of these fake flowers that I picked up from Next but I thought they could do with mentioning again because they are SO pretty. I'm really happy with the design in my room, I just need to sort out being allowed to put some pictures up. When I can, I've already got some I'm eyeing up and you can probably guess where they're going to be coming from but I won't ruin the surprise just yet...

   I came across this dinosaur and thought he was pretty awesome. I don't have much more to add to that but look at him!

  I also went sale shopping, and all my friends got some lovely Hotel Chocolat eggs for half price. However, I had a bit of a sale fail as I was under the impression that the likes of Yankee Candle and Lush would do Easter sales and so far they haven't. I think Yankee probably still will but it looks like Lush aren't going to which makes me sad as I love their Easter range but think it's a tad too expensive. I also know that the second I actually buy something from it, they will magically begin a sale afterall.

  Since Yankee didn't want to have a sale, I picked up this candle from Primark. I actually went in there looking for bikinis, but something went wrong and this happened. I've not actually used the candle yet as part of my mission for the day is to go and actually purchase a lighter, but I'm optimistic as it smells so lovely and was only £2. I've only actually smelled a couple of the range and this was the nicest of the ones I tried - I didn't want to go for too many as I knew I'd end up buying more than one and then never using half of them.

  I also went to see The Phantom of the Opera, which I haven't seen in a good 15 years. It's a lot better than I remember it being and also a lot creepier, although there was also more actual opera singing than I remember which is a bit of a problem for me! But on the whole I enjoyed it, and I think the current Phantom is really good as well.

  All pictures used in this post come from my Instagram - go and follow me there if you'd like to see all of the pictures I post :-)

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