Wednesday, 13 April 2016

The A-Z Of Me

I've not done a tag post in a while, and when I stumbled across Charlotte's post of The A-Z of Me I thought it was a great idea. So here's one all about myself, should you be interested in learning a little bit more about me! I failed a little and didn't manage to get the whole alphabet in, but I tried - if you've done one, feel free to link me in too!

Baking: I am a huge fan of baking and I always consider it a shame that I don't get to do it anywhere near enough. I'm working on a different team on my birthday and I consider this a good thing because it means I have a work birthday twice and so get to bake two different cakes for it! If I could own my own bakery, I would basically be the happiest person.

Colouring: I find it hilarious that adult colouring books are such a thing now as I've been doing them for years and years. I started with them ten years ago when I was on a long flight and needed something to occupy myself with and kept them on from there. It's so funny to me that they're a big thing now, though does mean I have much more to choose from!

Dogs: I am a big dog fan. I recently had to leave my dog with my former housemate when I moved house and was so sad by this, I didn't realise how much I missed him until I started looking after other dogs. I also don't want children, but would happily have a house full of dogs!

Elephants: Elephants are one of my absolute favourite animals. It was penguins for ages, but then elephants sort of appeared out of nowhere. If we're being specific, particularly Asian elephants. I think they're lovely and fascinating animals and getting to spend the day with them in Thailand was my trip highlight!

Fruit: The two things you can get for me if you want to make me happy are raspberries and papaya. They are basically my favourite things! I wish I could eat loads of fruit every day and drink juices and smoothies every day.

Gelato: I'm a fan of food and of desserts in general, but gelato is one of my favourites. Unfortunately, as a result of living in Italy, I'm also extremely picky on my gelato and almost always leave disappointed!

Housing: The bane of my life right now is basically the London housing crisis. I've long since accepted that I'm not going to be able to buy a house for a very long time, if ever, despite having a reasonable deposit. I also no longer qualify for shared ownership schemes as despite being on a pretty good salary, they want higher, which to me makes no sense as the amount I would be paying monthly is pretty much identical to what I already pay on rent. This is probably my most frequently ranted about topic.

Italy: It's a country I used to live in, and is still one of my favourites. I love the food so much, and it's such a beautiful country!

London: I live in London, and I love it. More specifically, I now live in East London and am a massive fan. I know people like to really criticise the east and it does have a bad reputation, but it has a lot of personality and that's why I like it so much. Sure, 50% of my income goes on rent and I really wish it didn't have to be quite so high, but I'll tolerate it to be able to live here!

Mac & Cheese: I eat out all the time. I love food. I love trying new things. But more than anything, my favourite meal is without a doubt mac & cheese! Especially interesting mac & cheese with a whole variety of other things thrown in.

Nicola: That's me! :-)

I am a big planner. I plan everything. I have spent the last three days completely planning our America trip. No one else has had any input into it, and none of them care because they know that I will extensively research everything and pick the best trip!

Reformer Pilates: Whenever anyone asks about how I got into a good shape, pilates is the answer. Specifically, reformer pilates. I was always slim anyway, but pilates really helped to tone me up!

Spas: I love a good spa day. No, I love a good spa TRIP, as I like being completely healthy for a couple of days and eating all the food that they tell me to eat!

Travel: I am a huge fan of traveling, and can't wait to go back to the US this year. My favourite country is Ecuador, followed closely by Malawi and Zimbabwe. I would love to return to South America, and would love to visit Antarctica and Japan!

Walking: I like to go for walks. I like to follow trails as well as to just wonder aimlessly.

I am really really bad at keeping up with any sort of exercise, but I'm pretty good at keeping to yoga. I'm shockingly bad at it and I don't understand why anyone finds downward dog relaxing or in any way pleasant, but the rest of it I enjoy.


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