Monday, 4 April 2016

What I've Been Reading Lately

It's been a while since I posted a look at what I've been reading, and to be honest that's largely because I stopped reading enough to really justify making a frequent post - or in some cases, I was reading a lot but nothing I was reading was really good enough for me to be able to do a write up about it. However, over the last two months or so I've been reading much more frequently again, and so I thought it was about time I gave you a little look at what I've been reading - in alphabetical order, for ease!

An Abundance of Katherines - John Green - £4.99 through Amazon
I started to read this book as against my best intentions, I'd really enjoyed The Fault in Our Stars. Also against my best intentions I'd really enjoyed Paper Towns, and I'd literally just watched the Paper Towns movie on the plane and was therefore in a bit of a John Green mood. I read the kindle samples for a few John Green books and if I'm honest, none of them really stood out to me, but this book seemed like the one that would most likely grow on me. It is a book about Colin Singleton, and his love of girls named Katherine. And unfortunately? It sucks. I didn't even make it half way through. The concept could be okay, obviously it's silly but there's nothing wrong with that and it still could have made for an entertaining book. It just had no charm to it, all the characters were annoying and it was a struggle to get even as far as I did.

Big Little Lies - Liane Moriarty - £3.85 through Amazon
I am a big fan of Liane Moriarty's books - only one has really disappointed me, and I'm actually currently reading through another of hers right now. Big Little Lies focuses on a school, and the parents of the youngest class. It follows a group of mothers from the school and the gossip and rivalries they face - eventually culminating in a mysterious death. The book follows the circumstances leading up to the death and the events that take place along the way. I found this to be a good read, and a really involved one. I read this entire book in a day whilst sitting on the beach as I liked it so much I just didn't want to do anything else! It has some interesting characters and as always her books are so well written and creative. I would definitely recommend this one!

Dark Places - Gillian Flynn - £4.00 through Amazon
Dark Places is a book about Libby Day, a now adult who at seven years old put her older brother behind bars for the murder of the rest of her family. She meets up with a group of murder fanatics who encourage her to rethink whether or not it was actually her brother who was to blame for what happened to her family, and runs through the past through the perspectives of multiple family members. This was a book I really enjoyed and would definitely recommend. There were multiple parts that I just did not see coming and the book is written so well - you are really able to get a good understanding of all the different characters that feature, and I thought it was an interesting concept as well. I particularly enjoyed reading about the Kill Club and about the life of Ben Day, as they just present interesting perspectives you don't normally get a chance to explore or think about.

Leaving Time - Jodi Picoult - £3.85 through Amazon
Leaving Time follows the journey of Jenna, a young girl who is trying to find out what happened to her mother following a tragedy involving a suspected trampling by elephants at the sancturary they lived at. She is helped along the way by a now failed psychic and a retired detective who help her to uncover the truth about what had happened. I do really like Jodi Picoult books - I know it's a common complaint by people that they tend to be quite samey and to an extent that is true, however this book can definitely stand on its own. It has an interesting concept and the characters are creative, and I would say that the path the book takes is not typical of Picoult's books. I found this book to be a really enjoyable read and would definitely recommend!

Shopaholic to the Stars - Sophie Kinsella - £5.59 through Amazon
As with all of the Shopaholic books, this book follows Becky, her husband Luke, and of course the new addition of her daughter Minnie through their lives - which in this installment has now taken them to LA, where Becky hopes to fulfil her dreams of becoming a celebrity stylist. I really wanted to enjoy this book, as the first couple of books from this series I thought were fantastic and the previous book particularly bad. However, I think these books have just lost their charm for me. The writing seems to have gone a bit downhill and the books have got a bit generic and bland and lost the humour that I originally really loved them for. If you're a massive fan of the others then of course give this one a go, but for me sadly this series has just lost its way.


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