Friday, 13 May 2016

Doofy Dinos Phone Case - from Etsy!

The other month I finally decided that enough was enough, I needed a new phone case. I'd put it off for over a year as I've got the HTC One M8 - more specifically, I've got it in the limited edition blue colour which I think is an absolutely beautiful colour. In fact, that's obviously the reason I bought it in that colour - because I like it! However, I just keep managing to catch the corners in my bag and in my pocket and decided it was about time I got a case for it.

Us Android users definitely have less choice than Apple users when it comes to getting pretty cases for our phones, so after having an unsuccessful browse I decided to look on Etsy. Which is when I came across these lovely doofy dinosaurs!

As you can see, it's a beautiful case. It doesn't clash with the blue at all and it's solid so you can't see any of the blue coming out through it. The dinosaurs are cute (I especially love the chubby t-rex) and I've had lots and lots of compliments on this case already. People at work are constantly asking where I got it from! The fit is pretty good - it does feel a tiny bit loose as you can move it up and down, however I've gotten used to this and don't actually notice it anymore. More importantly, the phone does feel completely secure and I don't see it somehow slipping out any time soon, and there's good access to all of the buttons. It came really quickly as well - only a couple of days after I ordered it!

If you'd like your own doofy dinosaurs, I got them here for £13 from EmSeeItch's store. Do browse the rest of the store, as the dinos are available for lots of different types of phone, and there's plenty of other designs available if dinosaurs aren't quite your thing!

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