Friday, 6 May 2016

Follow Friday 009

001. This week I'm featuring Chloe for the first time, as I just loved her post on being a makeup hoarder. I threw away so much make up when I moved house last month and for the most part I have no idea how I ever accumulated it. I found this to be a really funny post, and will probably ring true with a lot of you!

002. I seem to be getting into make up again lately, and Hayley's post about Urban Decay's new Alice in Wonderland collaboration definitely made me want it. The palette looks so beautiful, though I'm not too sure about the lipstick colours!

003. Angie's blog is always the one you go to if you want to see something luxurious, and her post on Sake No Hana was no exception. Look how beautiful the whole place looks!

004. I'm featuring Erin on Follow Friday for the first time for her wonderful post all about ClueQuest. Things like this are events that a lot of friends of mine do but they've just never appealed to me. I see them and I think they look like so much fun, but I just don't think I'd enjoy them myself. However, this post has definitely inspired me to think more about it!

005. I do love a bit of a ranty post. When people are annoyed with products, I really, really enjoy reading them. Therefore I really enjoyed Corinne's post all about what she definitely wouldn't include if she made her own beauty box, following a particularly disappointing GlossyBox!

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