Wednesday, 20 July 2016

A Summery Apricot Fashion Wish List

I've mentioned recently about my love for clothing store Apricot - a store I hadn't actually heard of until I stumbled upon one of their shops, and now their cute fashions are slowly taking over my wardrobe and may actually steal the crown of Favourite Fashion Store away from Oasis. It's time for a bit of a shopping day soon, so to get some inspiration I decided to have a look online to see what was available and try to narrow down my choices a little. Here's my 9 favourites - to view the item, just click the name and price to head on over to Apricot's website to purchase it yourself if you so wish!

Navy Watercolour Blossom Print Structured Dress - £29
First up, we have this beautiful dress that's a little bit different to the majority of the summery dresses out there at the moment. I have an Apricot dress already that looks very similar to this design though with differing colours - it's white with orange and yellow flowers - and it is one of my favourites by far. It's such a flattering style and I get so many compliments on it. Despite already owning basically the same dress, I'm very tempted to get this one as well!

Khaki Multi-coloured Brushstroke Floral Print Skater Dress - £32
This dress is very different to anything else I already own as khaki and similar colours are ones that I tend to avoid. However, I think this is a really pretty print and I think this would be a really flattering dress.

Mint & Grey Floral Watercolour Print Tea Dress - £34
This dress is one of those rare versatile ones that manages to work really well for both summery day wear and dinner wear. You could get away with a print like this in all sorts of occassions, and it looks so nice and light too - definitely a must right now!

Black Multi-Coloured Bright Rose Print Kaftan - £15
I have a few tops like this already and I just love them. I think a dark coloured top with a bright print over the top looks great, and this one is so loose and flowy looking that I bet it'll be super comfortable. This would look great paired up with a simple pair of jeans and again, I could see myself wearing this both at work and to go and socialise afterwards.

Red Multi-Coloured Tribal Print T-Shirt - £18
This top is one of those rare ones that you look at and just think, "wow." And for once, not for a bad reason! This top is SO vibrant and colourful and the design on it is so intricate that I just love it. I'm a big fan of statement tops and so this is a must have for me!

Charcoal Gem Stone Starfish Necklace - £8
I posted very recently about the fact that I'm really not a jewellery person. So you know this one must be a good choice if I've decided to pick it anyway! This necklace features five crystal embellished starfish, and I think it's just so pretty. To be honest, I'd struggle to know what to pair it with as I am hopeless at that sort of thing, but I want it to figure it out with (or just, you know, to sit there and look at) anyway.

White & Navy Vine Print Kaftan Top - £10
I love the print on this, and the style is one I haven't really seen before. I'd like to wear more stomach showing tops as it's my boyfriends' favourite part of me and he is constantly trying to encourage me to show it off a bit. However, most the tops out there I just wouldn't feel comfortable wearing - whereas one like this is still a stomach shower but I think looks much better and much more natural. It's also over 50% off so is a great price!

Feather Print Dip Hem Cut Out Back Blouse - £7
This top is simple and yet manages to be a little bit over the top at the same time. There's lots to look at, and yet I wouldn't feel out of place wearing it at work. I do really like the style to this as well - I'm getting much more into clothes that use different lengths to their advantages, and I think this is definitely one of those! Plus, again, it's over 50% off so is a great price right now!

Stone Multi-Coloured Diamante Heart Print T-Shirt - £10
9 times out of 10, when I mention Apricot to people at work they've never heard of the brand. I didn't realise how lucky I was to live so near one of their stores! However, this one was the exception, as the other day someone I work with wore this beautiful heart shirt in to work. And she looked great! It's such a nicely fitted shirt and the heart print is pretty without making it seem too young.

View these and the full range over at Apricot's website!

Which is your favourite?

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