Friday, 15 July 2016

Follow Friday 010

So, this post seems a little bit late. And it really, really is. See, I scheduled this to post a couple of weeks ago, but for whatever reason it didn't actually happen. Grumble grumble.

But I don't want you to miss out on some of the fantastic posts here, so even though it's a little bit late, I hope you enjoy finding some new posts in this anyway!

001. This week, I'm featuring Angi for the first time with her beautifully over the top kawaii blog post all about the lovely goodies she picked up from Tofu Cute. Some of the products she bought are just so cute that I wish I could find a way to fit them into my flat!

002. Another first time inclusion to #FF is Jessi, a travel blogger. She posted a wonderful post looking at some of her instagram photos and posting the reality behind what happened in them. I really love posts like this, I think they're so funny and it's definitely nice to be reminded that a perfect life rarely actually exists!

003. Rebecca posted her advice and reflections relating to mental health and exercise. I think this is a good post to read, as I think most people know that exercise is considered one of the best treatments for depression - however, of course, it's also incredibly hard to motivate yourself to do it when you're feeling down.

004. Hayley has made a post all about ASOS's new beauty range - and it's SO INCREDIBLY CUTE. Korean make up and beauty products seem to be the in thing right now, and Hayley's look at what's coming up really makes me want to give some a try. Especially as they remind me of Paperchase products, and Paperchase has been one of my favourite stores for a long time!

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