Friday, 22 July 2016

Follow Friday 011

001. Hayley's posts always end up being very popular with me. Even though I don't typically read beauty blogs all that much anymore, hers is one that I always end up taking a look at. Recently, she posted all about how being a full time blogger isn't for everyone. As always, this is such a fantastically written post on an area that most bloggers just don't cover. I have no interest whatsoever in being a full time blogger though I can see why people would, but I found her perspectives very interesting!

002. Becky always posts the most beautiful pictures, and from her instagram I was already pretty certain I wanted to live in her house. Her newest post which was a look around her kitchen further cemented this to me. I mean - just look at this egg house! Who even knew egg houses were a thing?! So much need.

003. This is the first time I've ever featured a post from Laura here, but her latest post was just SO funny. It's all about dressing like a Pokemon trainer, right down to carrying a little egg around you. Maybe it sounds silly, but as you know I'm very much into the Pokemon addiction (had my preorder for Pokemon Moon since February now, just sayin) and this post was just such a funny read.

004. Another Pokemon post? Oops. Well, this time it's Cat's post on how you know you're a Pokemon Go addict. I found it a very funny read!

005. Hayley uploaded this post all about relateability as a blogger - and, going against what seems to be the norm these days, explained why she really didn't care about how relateable people are. This is an interesting read as it's the opposite side to what you normally view in these sort of posts!

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