Sunday, 10 July 2016

Pokemon GO - A Review

If you know me at all, you probably know I'm a massive Pokemon fan. I wouldn't consider myself a big gamer, although there are a few games that I do get addicted to - and you know what, that may well be a post for another day! But Pokemon is one of those games that I will always buy and that I will always love.

I've been waiting for the release of Pokemon Go for quite some time now, and was very excited when it finally came out! (And for fellow Europeans, just google for the APK if you use android and you too can use it since there's no sign of our release date right now!)

What IS Pokemon Go? Well, it's a mobile game and it's very simple. It features the original 150 pokemon and your aim is, of course, to collect them all.

Depending on where you live, different options will be available to you. There are Pokestops, where you can spin a dial to win items such as Pokeballs and eggs, and there are gyms. I'm quite lucky as I live in central London, which means there are zillions of Pokestops and from my flat alone I can see six gyms. My Essex living friend has probably about half the amount I have from his house, but still more than enough to get playing with, but I imagine the further out you are the less there will be for you to play with. You walk around the map, and as you walk your avatar will walk with you and will allow you to interact with the different items.

Here's a look at mine!

Of course, the main part of the game is collecting your Pokemon. As you can see in the bottom corner, this tells me what Pokemon are nearby and how far away they are. If I click on it, it'll show you...

So as you can see from this, there are two Pokemon nearby. The nearest Pokemon isn't in my Pokedex yet, but next to that there's a Ratatta which is visible as I've already caught several.

That's another thing - different areas have different Pokemon in them. My area seems to have a bit of variety of the basic Pokemon, but my high street appears to have a major Ratata problem. I went for a walk along the canal yesterday and got attacked by Zubats, whilst at work I've found quite a few Nidorans. Meanwhile, the DLR network seems to be quite full of Drowzees. To catch the Pokemon, you just throw Pokeballs at them. To catch my initial Charmander this took bloody ages but it's easy to get the hang of when it comes to aiming and throwing the ball the correct amount.

The best thing about all this though? Seeing the Pokemon in real life. It works through your camera, which is brilliant as you get to picture having the Pokemon near you. Which is basically ALL I EVER WANTED. I've got pictures of a Zubat hovering ominously above a co-workers head, of three Ratatas in the shopping centre, and of a Drowzee sitting on a tube platform. Here's my favourite though, of a Haunter trapping me in a bathroom.

To evolve your Pokemon, you need a certain amount of points which you can then use to evolve them. Of course, there are also gym battles, which I'll say as much as to say that this is not at all the same as it is in the normal DS games, but I'll make a separate post on that another time. Battles would definitely be better if they matched the games more!

Overall, this game is a lot of fun for the simple joy of seeing Pokemon around you and getting to collect them all over again. It is, however, a definite battery drainer. I left for work fifteen minutes early this morning so that I could catch some Pokemon in the local park (I know how lame that sounds. I KNOW. You don't have to tell me.) Then, when I got off the tube near work, I caught a couple more on my way in. So let's assume I played for a total of thirty minutes, though it was probably a little less than that. Aside from that, I did exactly the same as I always do. I did notice by lunch time that my battery was definitely less than it normally was. Normally I charge my phone at around 9pm onwards, however today I needed to charge it from 6:30 pm, and to be honest I probably put off using my phone as much as I normally do later on because I could see it dropping and wanted music for the journey home!

However, still a lot of fun and worth it, but do be prepared for the battery drain. If your phone already struggles, this is probably not the one for you!


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