Wednesday, 31 August 2016

A Very Mini Gardening Update

 Quite some time ago now, I posted all about the purchase of a little tomato growing kit that I bought from M&S. I wasn't feeling very optimistic about my ability to grow anything but was excited about the fact that I had such a big winter garden to work with. However, still knowledgeable about my own skills, I bought the set from M&S because it included the tomato seeds, the bucket, and the soil.


Monday, 22 August 2016

5 Netflix TV Series Recommendations

It's been a while since I made a post on my Netflix favourites, so I thought it was about time I posted some updated recommendations. And in no particular order...

 Orange Is The New Black
I included OITNB in my last Netflix recommendations post, which in retrospect is odd as season three was absolutely terrible and I think I must only have included it out of loyalty for the first two seasons. However, season 4 was my favourite by far and so I am again pleased to be able to include it in this post! Season 4 brought in some really interesting new characters, particularly some new guards who I feel really added to the show. On the whole I feel that I became more invested in this season, and I am a sucker for a sad storyline so I really enjoyed watching some of the backstories and some of the twisted things that happen in this season.


Friday, 19 August 2016

Follow Friday 012

001. I really enjoyed Jasmine's post reviewing Jeffree Stars new lip products. I am not a fan of him at all - I didn't even HAVE a Myspace and yet I still remember him from those days, and while I'm entertained that so many people seem to have forgotten about all of that I really just cannot. However, I really liked the way Jasmine addressed the controversy and the actual product review was really helpful as well.


Monday, 15 August 2016

Blogosphere Magazine; Issue 9 Review

This month, I decided to pick up Blogosphere Magazine for the first time. I'd really put it off as, if I'm honest, I had very low expectations for it. I didn't really see the point as if I wanted to read a blog I would surely, well, read a blog, and I assumed the quality of it would be really low. However, when Becky posted to say that she was going to be featured in it this month, I decided that really I had to give it a chance.


Friday, 12 August 2016

20 Fashion Favourites: August 2016

Welcome to the first of a new monthly piece on this blog - my monthly 20 fashion favourites! Have a look at 20 of my favourite affordable pieces this month and hopefully get some inspiration for some new looks!

 ASOS: Motel Gladio Ruffle Front Playsuit In Gingham Floral £35
ASOS Side Cut Out Midi Dress £35
ASOS: Boohoo Floral Cold Shoulder Dress £16
ASOS Woven Geo Print Shorts £25

The red dress in the second picture is my absolute favourite of this quad. I love everything about it. I love the colour, I love the style, and I love the shape it gives you. I'm also very fond of the shorts on the end, although I probably won't actually end up buying these as I'm just hopeless at matching shorts with anything!


Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Lambeth Country Show 2016

I'm a little delayed in posting this this year as apparently I completely failed on scheduling, but here is the now annual Lambeth Country Show post!


Monday, 8 August 2016

Apricot Haul; Summer 2016

I've been teasing for a while on Instagram that one of these little hauls is going to be coming along soon, and it's finally time to get it posted! I have made it no secret that Apricot is one of my absolute favourite new clothing discoveries recently, and so when I got paid I decided I just had to go and buy some new summery clothes from there.

Okay. I'm lying.

I decided that I wanted to go shopping for some lighter trousers. But somehow I ended up buying all sorts of things that absolutely weren't trousers.

Oh well.

Blue & White Daisy Print Tea Dress - £15
First up was the above dress! The first thing that drew me to this dress was the colour. It's a really pretty blue, and a shade that you don't see all that often. It's also a very light dress which makes it perfect for hot weather when you don't want to have to worry about having your shoulders yanked down to the ground. It is a basic dress, but the waist is elasticated which gives it a lot more shape than you'd expect, and it's just a pretty and simple dress that works well for day time wear and lounging around.

White Multi-Coloured Tribal Elephant Print T-Shirt - £17
Next up we have this wonderful elephant top. Have I mentioned that elephants have replaced penguins as my favourite animal? Despite this I generally don't like a lot of the elephant clothes that I see out there, but this one really attracted my attention. I love that the elephants are in different patterns and colours and it's another light and airy top. This top is one of those that works great for all sorts of casual situations regardless of who you are. The first time I wore this my boyfriend kept giving me really confused looks - I later found out that his mum had bought the same one, and he was trying to work out why he'd seen it before!

Coral & White Aztec Print Vest Top - £10
You may have seen the above top on my Instagram a few times as I have been wearing it a lot! I've found it makes a great shirt for the beach and it's also been a great top for some of the festivals and other events I've been going to. It's lovely and light and I love the print on it. The only thing I will say that these images don't show is the fact that there is a large zip up the back. This doesn't impact the look at all, if anything I would say it improves how it looks - but every now and then when you sit down or lean on it it is really unexpectedly cold and ocassionally digs in - only when leaning back though!

Grey, Black & White Butterfly & Lily Print Vest Top - £15
And finally, here's a top that I mostly bought for work, but then I kept getting compliments on it so it became one of my evening tops as well! It's got an angled front and back with an extra strap at the back to keep it in place, and I think it looks really good. It's a more serious shirt, but at the same time it has enough shape to it to look great as well. The design is pretty with all the butterflies, but I feel it looks much more mature than most butterfly tops - I constantly get stopped and ID'd when wearing my others!

That's my mini haul over! To view the full range, take a look at Apricot's website - and if you're like me and are a fan of the sales, they currently have a summer sale going with up to 70% off - take a look!

Monday, 1 August 2016

Beach East: A Review of Stratford's New Beach!

 The other week we decided to head on over to Beach East in Stratford. I've been a fan of Camden's artificial beach for a few years, but when Beach East popped up much closer to home and apparently much bigger, I decided I had to give it a try.

I mean, Chris started off by being eaten by a shark, so obviously the day improved from there.

 There were plenty of options for food, drinks and rides, and it was actually really affordable. You pay £2 to get in which initially did put me off, but it's really not that bad a deal, especially as you then get discounts on what is inside. Each ticket gives you £1 off a ride, and 2 x 50p off food and drinks. On which note, none of that was anywhere near as expensive as I thought it would be. I thought we'd be paying way above bar prices, but actually it was a little lower, even before you applied your discount.

 And then - the beach itself! Beautiful, glorious sand. I love sand. This sand is the kind of sand that really does get absolutelye verywhere though. I think it was about five minutes before there was sand inside of my bag and somehow all over my phone's camera. Chris doesn't like sand so was very reluctant to follow me in, though soon gave in and found himself actually enjoying the feel of it. Like I knew he would!

 These chips were absolutely delicious, and with our discounts were only £2.50 each.
 The cocktails were really good as well! Chris had two cocktails, which after discount came to £5.50 and £6.50 each. As you can see you get a proper full size cup as well - this drink was originally full to the top. I went with a slushie which I think was £2.50.
 My main gripe with the rides? All of them spin! I HATE TO SPIN. I hate it so much. I really wanted to go on the rollercoaster as it looked so much fun but the bottom half of it ivolves lots of really fast spinning and so I knew I wouldn't be able to do it. So we ended up going on the spinning chair ride. I actually hated it, I felt sick afterwards and it was scary :-( Chris had fun though, and it was only £2 each which is great for this sort of thing.

Overall, a really good day out. It's a great size and there's lots to do with lots of food and drink options.  Have a look at the website, here, for more information!
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