Wednesday, 31 August 2016

A Very Mini Gardening Update

 Quite some time ago now, I posted all about the purchase of a little tomato growing kit that I bought from M&S. I wasn't feeling very optimistic about my ability to grow anything but was excited about the fact that I had such a big winter garden to work with. However, still knowledgeable about my own skills, I bought the set from M&S because it included the tomato seeds, the bucket, and the soil.

 And as you can see, the tomatoes have finally - FINALLY - started to grow! I planted these tomatoes right at the very end of March so it has taken a ridiculous amount of time. I don't know if that is just tomatoes in general or my complete inability to look after them properly, as I have tried many different tactics to try to encourage these little guys along.

Firstly, it took ages for the shoots to actually appear at all. I was SO excited when they finally started to appear - especially as some of my other plants never even got to that point :( I just don't understand it at all. I'm lucky enough to have an apartment with a LOT of light so my indoor plants and flowers do great, yet the outdoor ones haven't done as well at all despite having loads of light and protection from the wind etc - I guess I'll put it down to the fact that shortly after I planted them all we went through a really cold patch. Either way, I was surprised that my tomatoes initially didn't seem to be doing so well - I used to be an early years teacher and those kids were brutal to the tomatoes. They would drown them basically every day and would be relentlessly touching them and dumping yet more water on top of them. And yet, somehow, tomatoes! Loads of them!

 Here it is, the very first tomato picked off my plant. Apparently I left it too long to pick it according to the internet. But I ate it anyway, and it tasted good, and that is sort of all I really care about.

I am ridiculously pleased with having my little tomatoes. It sounds sad, but I have really enjoyed growing them, even if a lot of the experience was little flowers forming but tomatoes not quite growing off of them. Until, at last, they did! I'd like to add more to the rotation next year - I didn't bother with too many this year as I didn't know how much I'd stick it out for, but clearly I am actually committed to this!


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  1. Aw well done! I'd feel proud if I'd grown them myself too.


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