Monday, 8 August 2016

Apricot Haul; Summer 2016

I've been teasing for a while on Instagram that one of these little hauls is going to be coming along soon, and it's finally time to get it posted! I have made it no secret that Apricot is one of my absolute favourite new clothing discoveries recently, and so when I got paid I decided I just had to go and buy some new summery clothes from there.

Okay. I'm lying.

I decided that I wanted to go shopping for some lighter trousers. But somehow I ended up buying all sorts of things that absolutely weren't trousers.

Oh well.

Blue & White Daisy Print Tea Dress - £15
First up was the above dress! The first thing that drew me to this dress was the colour. It's a really pretty blue, and a shade that you don't see all that often. It's also a very light dress which makes it perfect for hot weather when you don't want to have to worry about having your shoulders yanked down to the ground. It is a basic dress, but the waist is elasticated which gives it a lot more shape than you'd expect, and it's just a pretty and simple dress that works well for day time wear and lounging around.

White Multi-Coloured Tribal Elephant Print T-Shirt - £17
Next up we have this wonderful elephant top. Have I mentioned that elephants have replaced penguins as my favourite animal? Despite this I generally don't like a lot of the elephant clothes that I see out there, but this one really attracted my attention. I love that the elephants are in different patterns and colours and it's another light and airy top. This top is one of those that works great for all sorts of casual situations regardless of who you are. The first time I wore this my boyfriend kept giving me really confused looks - I later found out that his mum had bought the same one, and he was trying to work out why he'd seen it before!

Coral & White Aztec Print Vest Top - £10
You may have seen the above top on my Instagram a few times as I have been wearing it a lot! I've found it makes a great shirt for the beach and it's also been a great top for some of the festivals and other events I've been going to. It's lovely and light and I love the print on it. The only thing I will say that these images don't show is the fact that there is a large zip up the back. This doesn't impact the look at all, if anything I would say it improves how it looks - but every now and then when you sit down or lean on it it is really unexpectedly cold and ocassionally digs in - only when leaning back though!

Grey, Black & White Butterfly & Lily Print Vest Top - £15
And finally, here's a top that I mostly bought for work, but then I kept getting compliments on it so it became one of my evening tops as well! It's got an angled front and back with an extra strap at the back to keep it in place, and I think it looks really good. It's a more serious shirt, but at the same time it has enough shape to it to look great as well. The design is pretty with all the butterflies, but I feel it looks much more mature than most butterfly tops - I constantly get stopped and ID'd when wearing my others!

That's my mini haul over! To view the full range, take a look at Apricot's website - and if you're like me and are a fan of the sales, they currently have a summer sale going with up to 70% off - take a look!

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