Monday, 1 August 2016

Beach East: A Review of Stratford's New Beach!

 The other week we decided to head on over to Beach East in Stratford. I've been a fan of Camden's artificial beach for a few years, but when Beach East popped up much closer to home and apparently much bigger, I decided I had to give it a try.

I mean, Chris started off by being eaten by a shark, so obviously the day improved from there.

 There were plenty of options for food, drinks and rides, and it was actually really affordable. You pay £2 to get in which initially did put me off, but it's really not that bad a deal, especially as you then get discounts on what is inside. Each ticket gives you £1 off a ride, and 2 x 50p off food and drinks. On which note, none of that was anywhere near as expensive as I thought it would be. I thought we'd be paying way above bar prices, but actually it was a little lower, even before you applied your discount.

 And then - the beach itself! Beautiful, glorious sand. I love sand. This sand is the kind of sand that really does get absolutelye verywhere though. I think it was about five minutes before there was sand inside of my bag and somehow all over my phone's camera. Chris doesn't like sand so was very reluctant to follow me in, though soon gave in and found himself actually enjoying the feel of it. Like I knew he would!

 These chips were absolutely delicious, and with our discounts were only £2.50 each.
 The cocktails were really good as well! Chris had two cocktails, which after discount came to £5.50 and £6.50 each. As you can see you get a proper full size cup as well - this drink was originally full to the top. I went with a slushie which I think was £2.50.
 My main gripe with the rides? All of them spin! I HATE TO SPIN. I hate it so much. I really wanted to go on the rollercoaster as it looked so much fun but the bottom half of it ivolves lots of really fast spinning and so I knew I wouldn't be able to do it. So we ended up going on the spinning chair ride. I actually hated it, I felt sick afterwards and it was scary :-( Chris had fun though, and it was only £2 each which is great for this sort of thing.

Overall, a really good day out. It's a great size and there's lots to do with lots of food and drink options.  Have a look at the website, here, for more information!

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