Monday, 15 August 2016

Blogosphere Magazine; Issue 9 Review

This month, I decided to pick up Blogosphere Magazine for the first time. I'd really put it off as, if I'm honest, I had very low expectations for it. I didn't really see the point as if I wanted to read a blog I would surely, well, read a blog, and I assumed the quality of it would be really low. However, when Becky posted to say that she was going to be featured in it this month, I decided that really I had to give it a chance.

From the moment I picked up my copy, my opinion started to charge. This is a THICK magazine, and it's actually really well made. I know it sounds silly and that it shouldn't make much of a difference, but the paper is of really good quality and to be honest probably looks and feels better quality than most of the magazines you'll find in a newsagent do. I was worried that it would be just full of advertisements, but it really is a very significantly content based magazine.

Inside the magazine there is a combination of features, columns and interviews. The features included information such as on how to take part in a Twitter chat and some tips for finding accessories for a photo. None of this information was really new to me, but it was still a fun read as it's so well written. There are a few bigger interviews, like the one shown above - which again, really surprised me with how good quality they were. And finally, there are many column sections. In these sections, a certain blogger will write a little bit and will then showcase five other bloggers that feature within their genre. I really liked the way this was done. For example, each blogger will include a paragraph about why they have chosen the blogs that they have, and then the following five pages are all dedicated to those blogs that they've chosen with a full page entry and pictures from their blog. For an example, see the image one above this one which is showcasing some food blogs! I thought this was such a great way of showcasing some blogs and it looks really great.

This month also included an events supplement, which I thought was a good idea. It includes some tips for events, some reviews and photos from recent blog events, and then a listing of what events are coming up. I thought most of this little extra was great and so helpful and fun to read through, however I do think the listing of events could have been done a lot better as there's not really anything there apart from the name of the event which isn't the most helpful.

Overall, I am really pleased that I bought this magazine. I went in with very low expectations and it is a fun read and beautifully designed and laid out. I don't think I would buy every single issue of this, however it's definitely something I'll be picking up every now and then when it features my favourite bloggers! To find out more information and buy your own copy, check out the website! A physical copy is £5.

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