Friday, 19 August 2016

Follow Friday 012

001. I really enjoyed Jasmine's post reviewing Jeffree Stars new lip products. I am not a fan of him at all - I didn't even HAVE a Myspace and yet I still remember him from those days, and while I'm entertained that so many people seem to have forgotten about all of that I really just cannot. However, I really liked the way Jasmine addressed the controversy and the actual product review was really helpful as well.

002. It's been a long time since I subscribed to any beauty box, but I do miss it. Jaina recently posted all about a box I'd never heard of before, the Sheet Mask Squad box. If you're a fan of Korean beauty products, have a look at this one!

003. Charlie made a post all about attending the launch for the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child book. I think this looks so much fun!

004. Have you guys all been having a good time playing with Instagram Stories? I never really got into Snapchat, despite liking the filters. I just couldn't get myself into it as it was so hard to find people to follow on there! If you're still not sure, have a look at Amber's brilliant post on the changes and how they compare to Snapchat!

005. I have wanted to get into brow products for quite some time. My brows don't match at all and they sort of just do their own thing. I have literally never worn any brow product, although I do try to get them waxed once every two weeks or so - aside from that, I don't get any further. I therefore really enjoyed Hannah's post on trying out some new eyebrow products. I found this to be a VERY useful post, as she included clear photos and descriptions of all the products she tried and has definitely given me some inspiration on what to look for!

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