Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Lambeth Country Show 2016

I'm a little delayed in posting this this year as apparently I completely failed on scheduling, but here is the now annual Lambeth Country Show post!

The Lambeth Country Show is one of those things that I make sure I do every single year. I might now be a south Londoner anymore but it's very much worth the journey because it's such a fun day out. This year I introduced three new friends as well as a couple of old ones to the joy of Brixton's annual celebration of the outdoors - a chance to watch some unusual shows, pet some farm animals, watch some sheep competitions, and try a whole variety of foods!

I love the vegetable art, they are always one of my favourite things! They all went a bit political this year but still some very funny ones in there (And a lot of Trumps)

A sheep competition in Brixton, obviously.

It's a very precise matter.

And yes, afterwards you get a chance to go and pet all of the sheep! This year they were less terrified. Last year they seemed to try their hardest to not be touched, but this year they seemed much happier with it.

The shows had changed this year. This stunt show was one of the new additions. It was okay, but not all that impressive.

Also, horses. This show was actually pretty good, with some beautiful and well trained horses doing a whole variety of different acts.

There are always dogs and ducks. This year was a different dog and duck group, but still, they were there!

We also watched Quidditch (which was terrible, though interesting) and watched one of the birds of prey fly away and refuse to come out of the tree for a while which made one of my friends very happy.

This show is always a good day out, this year was no exception. And as you can see from the sky, it was a very sunny day! One friend was not expecting this and wore a jumper and had to carry his coat around with him. My friend told me it wasn't warm enough to wear shorts, and then watched as I boiled to death in jeans, and one spent more time putting suncream on than doing anything else. But still a great day spent here!

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