Monday, 5 September 2016

18 Fashion Favourites: September 2016

Good morning everyone! I was very happy to see you seemed to like the last monthly fashion wishlist and was very pleased to receive some messages telling me that you'd managed to find something new to buy from it. So of course, this means I am pleased to be continuing this series, and bringing you September's monthly wishlist! September was a bit of a difficult one for me as I found a lot of the colours were quite bland. I know that they tend to at around this time of year, but for me, I struggle to find pieces I really like as I prefer to wear colour all year round! However, I did find 18 favourite pieces for you this month so take a look through and let me know which your favourites are!

This month features Apricot, New Look, Asos, Forever21 and Quiz!
APRICOT: Teal, Green & Cream Check Print Shirt Dress £24
APRICOT: White & Navy Butterfly Print Zip Shoulder T-Shirt £19
APRICOT: Black, Pink & Purple Watercolour Butterfly Print Structured Dress £28

I imagine it comes at no surprise at all when I say that my favourite in this row is 100% the dress on the right. In fact, it is probably my favourite overall piece in this selection. I just LOVE it. I love the shape. I love the pattern. I love the colours. I think this dress is beautiful and though I cannot see any time in the forseeable future when I'm going to get a chance to wear it, I still really, really, really want it!

APRICOT: Teal & White Panels Wrap Over Structured Dress £29
APRICOT: Purple & Stone Flower Print T-Shirt £10
NEW LOOK: Cream Crepe Floral Print Bomber Jacket £14.99

It seems that at some point when I wasn't looking, bomber jackets became a really, really big thing. Particularly in New Look, which had so many lovely patterns and designs that it was really hard to narrow it down to which my favourite was. I adore this print, and I'm not sure how well this style would actually suit me but yet want a whole range of them to figure it out with.

 ASOS: Missguided Holographic High Waisted Jean £35
ASOS: Maya Cami Strap Midi Dress with Tulle Skirt and Embellishment £75
ASOS: Noisy May Festival Faux Fur Parka £35

I was really glad to see the coat on the right make an appearance, as my winter coat last year was for a VERY similar looking Primark one. It is basically the comfiest coat in the world, and at first I felt ridiculous in it but I grew to love it so quickly that I really didn't care anymore. This coat looks like a lovely replacement at a great price should I need it!

ASOS: Becca Lace Strappy Moulded Underwire Bra £20 
ASOS: River Island Swirl Patchwork Tote Bag £45
ASOS: Off Shoulder with Ruffle Sleeve in Tropical Print £25

I absolutely love the design of the bra in this image. This is a bit of an odd one for me to be including on my wishlist, as in all honesty, there is no chance of me buying this bra. But I LOVE it, but it would look awful on me and not suit my shape at all. However, I'm still sticking it on this wishlist because I think it looks great and definitely wish I could wear it!

 FOREVER 21: Heart Ribbed Knit Jumper £15
FOREVER 21: Striped Mock Neck Jumper £13
FOREVER 21: Hamburger House Slippers £11

I personally think that Forever 21 excels the most when it comes to their Autumn wear. Last year my fall wardrobe consisted very heavily of Forever 21 items, as they do a great range in good colours and styles that are cute but still keep you warmed up. Therefore I think out of all the stores I looked at to compile my wishlist this month, I would say that Forever 21 is the one that stood out for me the most this time round.

It's hard to pick a favourite in this row, as Quiz are another store that I think have done a great job recently. If I absolutely had to choose a piece to mention, I would choose the shoes - I love the colour, the style and the design and they actually look comfortable to walk in. I need something new to pair up with my jeans and I think these would be the perfect match.

Which pieces are your favourites?


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