Wednesday, 14 September 2016

A Mini Body Shop Beauty Haul

Body Shop cosmetics
The other week, I went into The Body Shop to buy myself one of the new superfood facemasks. And while I was there, for reasons I can't fully explain, I somehow ended up having a mini makeover so that the assistant could help me choose my foundation colour. And then, somehow, I quite liked the brush she was using so I somehow ended up with that too. And then, the biggest surprise of the whole experience, she used a blusher on me, a product that I never buy, and I somehow ended up buying that too. So. Um. Let's go through everything, shall we?

Body Shop cosmetics - All in One face base
The first product I bought was the All-in-One Face Base for £14, a compact foundation and powder with a very light feel. When you first open the product, you see a quite big mirror and a very thick sponge.

Body Shop cosmetics - all in one face base
And then, when you open it, you get to the actual product and another mirror!

I was very surprised by how much coverage I actually got from this product. I decided to try it as my absolute favourite foundation is The Body Shop's Fresh Nude Foundation, however I really don't wear it often at all as I don't often have the time for liquid foundations. I was therefore curious to see what their powder offerings were like and stumbled upon this one. A few light brushes were honestly all it took to give me some pretty good coverage, and obviously you'd be able to build up on it if you preferred - however I like the natural look so I just wanted to use it to even out my skin tone a bit and this more than did the job. It didn't gather up or go all blotchy and gross on my skin at all and looked very natural

Body Shop cosmetics - all in one face base
The picture above this one actually gives a much more accurate one of the colour itself, but this one shows the texture pretty nicely. This is colour 03.

Body Shop cosmetics - blusher brush
Next up, we have this blusher brush, for £12. I know it says blusher in the title, but I'll be using it more for the above powder as this is what the assistant used to apply it for me. She recommended it for the purpose and all I know is that she made my skin look really good and I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, so I decided to just go along with it and get one for myself! This is a lovely, soft brush and applies powder very easily without causing any sort of buildup.

Body Shop cosmetics - blusher brush

Body Shop cosmetics - macaroon all in one cheek colour
Finally, a blusher! This is the all-in-one cheek colour for £8 and this one is in colour 001 - Macaroon, as I was recommended to use more coral shades. I believe this is the more subtle of the cheek colours the Body Shop offers which may be a disappointment to those of you who regularly wear blusher, however for me I really don't wear it at all and therefore I wanted a light colour that could easily be blended in for just a touch of colour, and that is what I got!

Body Shop cosmetics - macaroon all in one cheek colour
It's a nice, natural looking colour, and goes on really easily. Although now I'm tempted by their Summer Waves for next time, though possibly getting a little bit ahead of myself there!

Have you got any of these products? Which are your favourites?


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