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Beauty Review: Babyliss Curl Secret

Babyliss Curl Secret
I first became aware of the Babyliss Curl Secret about a year ago whilst watching YouTube and was very tempted by the idea, but decided that it was very expensive compared to, well, pretty much every other hair curler out there and therefore decided to buy your regular old curling wand instead. I gave the curling wand a go, and then failed. My housemate curled it for me which came out much better, but still took absolutely bloody AGES. Then, I had my hurl curled at the hairdressers and was surprised by how good it looked. The stylist showed me how to do it properly, I went home, and still failed to replicate it and managed to burn myself in the process. And at that point, I gave in, and decided to suck up the price and go and buy myself a Curl Secret.

Babyliss Curl Secret
This is the Curl Secret. Its a bit of a scary looking device which works differently to pretty much every other curling device out there. Basically, you place a small section of your hair into the top, clamp it shut, and through some sort of magic it will swallow up your hair and after a short while will beep at you to let you know it's time to release it. There are a few different settings on this - there are two different heat settings, and three different times which all alter what kind of curl you're going to get. In my case, even the lowest timing creates nice big curls!

Another nice little plus of this device is that it alternates the way it curls your hair each time, which makes it a lot more natural looking.

Babyliss Curl Secret
This device is initially a little scary to use, however after letting it swallow the second strand of hair I was reassured and trusted it. It is a little ominous letting it suck up your hair, especially as when I do it it tends to let out a sudden burst of steam. I was SO worried that my hair would get stuck inside and just end up getting really badly burned, however nothing of the sort has happened or come close to happening. I had bad memories of when I was a preschool teacher and the kids used to somehow manage to get brushes tied up in my hair and I'd have to spend about twenty minutes trying to get them out again - only this time with the addition of somehow managing to set my hair on fire - however it's really not like that at all. As soon as you let go of the clamp your hair very willingly comes out. If it doesn't want to accept your hair, it won't and as soon as it's decided there's a problem it will beep and stop eating your hair - again, just let go of it and your hair will quickly be released, no problems.

I personally find this device really easy to use. You don't have quite as many options when you use it as if you were using a normal curling wand. However, as stated, I also absolutely suck at using curling wands, so I don't really mind. This is incredibly easy to use, just put some hair in it and let it do it's thing! I do still find the back quite difficult to do and end up sort of just blindly giving it random strands to eat up, however it still looks good and I've only used this product around 10 times so far so I imagine it's just a matter of practice. It doesn't take that long to do your whole head - for me, probably around 15-20 minutes to do everything, and I would also say I am particularly slow when it comes to using it. There is absolutely no risk of burning yourself either!

By the way, this device is actually much prettier in person. It's a very dark purple with little bits of glitter in it, however lighting wasn't great when I took these pictures so it's quite hard to tell!

Andddd - here's how your hair looks after! These pictures were taken on the lowest timing and then brushed through. In this case, I just did the bottom half of my hair as I wanted something quite natural looking.

I absolutely love this product and was really worried I'd only get one use out of it, but so far I use it at least once a week which is very frequent for something like me who normally only has the energy to give it a quick brush!

Of course, a major con of this product is the price. At £119.99 it's quite significantly more than you'll probably end up paying for any other curling product. However, for me the price has been more than worth it. It's quick, easy to use, and I really like the quality of the curls it produces. I was worried I would regret this product due to the price but I really haven't and absolutely do consider it having been worth the amount I paid. If you'd like to buy your own, you can take a look at it at Selfridges, here!


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