Friday, 7 October 2016

15 Fashion Favourites: October 2016

It's time for October's fashion favourites! Of course, the stores have started stocking up their Autumn pieces and jumpers and the like are coming in quickly - however, I'll be honest, there aren't anywhere near as many as I was expecting just yet! Despite that, I've found 15 favourite pieces to share with you that I hope you'll enjoy.

This month features pieces from Forever 21, New Look, Apricot, River Island and Oasis.
FOREVER 21: Striped Zip-Up Crop Top: £9
FOREVER 21: Lace-Up Front Jumper £16
FOREVER 21: Self-Tie Bodycon Dress £15

Forever 21 was my absolute favourite store when it came to Autumn clothing last year, and I was really worried that this year they wouldn't be able to live up to the high standard of last year - however, their first items have been released and they are absolutely lovely. Of course I like the colours, but more than anything I really like that they've gone a bit different with the styles that they're choosing.

NEW LOOK: Navy Double Breasted Military Jacket £39.99
NEW LOOK: Black Suedette Peep Toe Ghillie Heels £29.99
NEW LOOK: Pale Blue Leather-Look Biker Jacket £29.99

New Look always absolutely own it with shoes and I think this pair is just gorgeous. It's a unique look that I'm not entirely sure I'd have a clue as to where I'd even wear it - but I'd sure give it a try. However, I think the selling piece for me is the leather jacket - I've been watching the leather jacket trend for a while but have struggled to find one that is quite exactly what I'm looking for, and I think it might be this piece - I LOVE the colour and the shape.

APRICOT: Navy, Rust & Cream Stripe Pattern Long Sleeved Top £20
RIVER ISLAND: RI Plus Yellow Check V-Neck Tank Top £24
RIVER ISLAND Cream Peplum Jacket £60

I'm surprised to only be including one piece from Apricot this month, as recently I've been including so many of their items in every fashion post. On a brighter note, the top I have included is absolutely gorgeous - I love the pattern and colours and it looks like it'll have a really nice shape to it as well.

OASIS Far Eastern Print Shirt £39
OASIS Lace Collar Knitted Top £38
OASIS Check Shirt Tails Top £38

While I may have fallen a little out of love with some other brands, I am very glad to see that my love of Oasis has very much returned - with a grand total of six of their items being featured this month. By the way, if you like the first print but aren't sure of the actual top, they have this pattern on a few different style dresses as well and I believe a blazer too. One of the skater dresses in particular is really pretty!

OASIS Slash Neck Stripe Tee £22
OASIS The Falls Embroidered Tee £28
OASIS Stripe Boat Neck Top £22

I LOVE the middle top, and I can't quite put my finger on exactly why I like it as much as I do. It's a dainty little top that is simple but still has a lot going for it, and one I definitely think I'll be picking up.

None of this quite what you're looking for? Take a look through some of my other fashion posts.

Which pieces are your favourite?

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