Wednesday, 19 October 2016

30 Things That Surprised Me About Blogging

I felt it was about time for a good little list post - and I don't think any further introduction is needed! Here's my list of 30 Things That Surprised Me About Blogging.

1. Taking a good flat lay picture is incredibly difficult. I still don't even know how to do them properly.
2. You'll need props. Lots of props.
3. You may end up actually choosing a flat because of the fact that the lighting would be really good for pictures.
4. Despite my flat being very minimalist, I am constantly tempted by the idea of buying THINGS so that I have background items for pictures.
5. Too many people spam on twitter. I get fed up seeing the same posts and the same people over and over again.
6. ...But, you'll find yourself doing it too, because that's basically the best way to get traffic to your posts.
7. Some great brands have come to me to work with me. I never really expected anyone to be very interested in me or my blog!
8. Some brands work with bloggers in combinations that just don't make sense.
9. I've found out about a lot of great beauty launches through blogs.
10. When stuck at the airport, I ended up buying a couple of magazines. Until that moment, I hadn't realised just how much I preferred blogs now. I just didn't care about the articles or the pictures for the most part, I would be much more interested in reading the opinions of my favourite bloggers on the same topics though.
11. An increasing number of people are becoming full time bloggers now.
12. I still don't think that's actually something I ever want to do.
13. I feel kinda old to be a blogger at times.
14. The blogging world can be incredibly cliquey, and it can be hard to progress in it if you're not part of that clique.
15. But that being said, the blogging world also contains some of my favourite people.
16. A big part of blogging actually involves plain old interaction. Particularly on twitter, which isn't great for people like me who work shifts.
17. That also means we miss most of the twitter chats.
18. And that I generally don't recognise the majority of the people in the chats anymore.
19. For whatever reason, the blog post you liked writing the most and were the most interested in? Very rarely the one that other people actually really care about.
20. A lot of people have been blogging for a really, really long time.
21. The twitter drama never stops being entertaining.
22. It's a lot more difficult to keep posting than you'd think it is. I always have a list of back up ideas for when nothing relevent is going on, and yet I never actually want to write about any of those things.
23. The people that you least expect will somehow find your blog at some point.
24. It's a great way to find out about all sorts of brands you probably wouldn't ever have come across.
25. Even your boyfriend will eventually start catching on to the fact that sometimes photos need to be taken when food is involved. This point is written literally minutes after we finished making a meal and he sadly asked, "Do you have to take a photo first?" before taking a bite of it.
26. Even after a few years, you'll probably still find the idea of blogging at least a little bit embarassing.
27. I don't think you ever actually do stop thinking about the numbers.
28. You'll follow some of your favourite blogs for literally years.
29. And then you'll be incredibly disappointed when they eventually stop posting.
30. The level of effort that some people put into their Instagram is actually amazing - but respect to them!

What surprised you?

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