Wednesday, 26 October 2016

A Mini Homeware Haul

On returning from America, I was more than a little disappointed to find out that some of my lovely plants just hadn't quite done as well as I'd hoped, despite careful looking after from my housemate. And therefore I decided that a trip to M&S was in order to pick up a couple of new additions, as well as some other goodies whilst there. Before I write this, I should mention that this post has been in no way sponsored by M&S - I've just found that when it comes to plants, they tend to stock really high quality varieties and also tend to have a pretty good mixture. Plus, they do absolutely adorable containers and vases.

Anyway - let's take a look!

First up we have this beautiful peace lily. I absolutely love the container that this is in - it's simple, but I think it looks really good. They had a few smaller plants in this style container too but I was really drawn to this peacelily, and the fact that it looks a bit wild really suits my room as well. Unfortunately, my lily doesn't seem to like London water very much, and so I've had to start leaving a pot outside to collect rain water to feed to it!

Another M&S buy was this little one, taking up the place of my sadly departed succulent. This plant is so far doing really well, and again, I love the fact that it looks a little bit wild in the way it splays itself out!

Armed with some new photographs, it was time to find a frame to put them in. I really struggled to find a nice photo frame as my room is very minimalist and so there were only certain colours that would work well with it. In addition, it seems that the current trend is to make really really thick frames, which I just don't like the look of. In the end I found this clear one which was absolutely perfect for what I needed and was only £10, here, from John Lewis.

My final pick up was this lovely reed diffuser in Apricot Blossom, from Next. I think Next do the absolute best home scents and this one is no exception - it just smells so lovely and vibrant and is one of those that really hits you when you walk into the room. These diffusers cost £6 to £16 depending on the size you want - though I just went for the smaller one - here, from Next.


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