Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Christmas Flowers from Beards And Daisies

If you have been here for any time at all, you'll know how much I absolutely LOVE flowers and plants. I never thought I would become someone who was into gardening and nature, and yet here I am, sitting in my bed where directly in front of me I can see four new plants, and where immediately upon completing this post I'm going to go out to the balcony to give all of the growing vegetables some food. I don't exactly know when this happened, but somewhere along the line I've become a very big fan of all things green.

Beards & Daisies is a company that I've been aware of for a little while now. They are on an online florist, sending out beautiful flowers in both bouquet and letterbox format for an average price of around £25. I've been admiring some of their beautiful summery flowers for a while now, and so when owner, Jo, asked if I would be interested in receiving some of their new Christmas flowers, of course I said yes!

 The flowers I received came in a very large box, delivered by courier. The box itself is absolutely massive and so the flowers are well protected - though of course they do have a little bit of padding on the inside as well! They come tied up in a neat little bouquet that has already been arranged for you, making it really easy to set them up inside your home. The flowers all came in excellent condition with no damages or sad looking flowers whatsoever!

Along with the flowers you get an information card which tells you how to look after them. You also get some plant food to mix in with them - it's all very straightforward! The card also gives you some tips and advice on how to arrange your flowers. However, in our case we liked them exactly how they were when they arrived. We did get a bit enthusiastic and try to move them around ourselves, but that was very much a mistake and we had to try to put them back how they'd been when we first received them!

So, what do you think? We were all very happy with these flowers. It's an unusual mix, but we really liked the colours and we think that they look great. The flowers are all very healthy and in great condition and I was really happy with the variety of the flowers included. As mentioned, this is a Christmas bouquet so there is a very obvious theme - and one that we felt that these flowers really lived up to. The deep reds and greens look fantastic and definitely get you in a festive feeling - and, just in case you need a little bit more of a push, there's some light glitter on the flowers too which makes them look so pretty and like they've had a little dusting of snow.

My boyfriend is a huge Christmas fan, and though he knew flowers would be arriving, I didn't tell him that they were going to be Christmassy ones. He was very excited to see them and agreed that they really lived up to the theme. And luckily my housemates were fans too, as this bouquet is currently the centre piece in our living room!

At time of writing, this bouquet has been with me for four days and is still in fantastic quality. The flowers are really healthy and I'm surprised but pleased that they've continued to be in such good condition.

If you'd like to buy your own bouquet as a gift or to brighten up your own home, you can buy them through Beards & Daisies, here. This bouquet is called Santa Baby and will be retailing for £31.99. If Christmas flowers aren't quite your thing there are plenty of other options in both bouquet and letterbox varieties - my personal favourites aside from this Christmas bouquet are Wild Thing, Strawberry Fields and Morning Glory

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