Friday, 14 October 2016

October's Blog Spotlight Post

Hi all! Rather than keep up my Follow Friday posts which I found were becoming just a bit too much of a pain in the butt to keep up, I've decided to do one monthly blog spotlight post - featuring all of my favourite blog posts from other bloggers from the past month. So I hope you enjoy having a look through the following 16 posts, and that you find some new favourites to read! :-)

001. First up is the ever fantastic Amber, who's written a post all about why you're probably not going to get rich blogging. I think this is a great post to read and very realistic.
002. Courtney posted all about things you can relate to if you shop in Primark, which at times was painfully accurate to read.
003. Paige had a fab photoshoot along with a little showcase of what the Huawei P9 can do.
004. I seemed to return from holiday to a huge selection of fashion week posts, so it was great to break it up a little with Jordan's post on why she's never been to fashion week!
005. Carrie went to Copenhagen, which was great timing when I was thinking of going there myself!
006. Lottie took a trip to the Impulse changing room, which looked like lots of fun!

007. Chloe posted all about what she thought the best Autumn eye shadow palette was - lovely colours!
008. Kirstie posted a helpful post of ten do's and don'ts for new bloggers.
009. Cat shared her opinion on whether or not blogging was accessible anymore.
010. Corinne included some advice on how to write a product review - without being boring!
011. Milly posted some delicious looking photos of her meal onboard a cruise ship.
012. Amber posted all about some blog tips that she'd tried, but that hadn't worked for her.

013. Katy posted all about becoming an ambassador for Lumos - go Katy!
014. Hayley tried out Michael Buble's new perfume.
015. Imii wrote out her thoughts on doing Instagram properly.
016. And another one from Katy - this one her thoughts on being a third culture kid!

That's all of them for this month! Which were your favourites?

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