Monday, 24 October 2016

Road Trip Day 4; Monument Valley, Utah/Arizona

Monument Valley
 After the disappointment of our trip to the Grand Canyon, our next stop was somewhere we were all much more optimistic about; Monument Valley.

  Monument Valley was our first Navajo tribal site, and also marked our first day in Utah.

Monument Valley
 I found the stories behind Monument Valley very interesting, and so I was pleased to discover that there was a mini museum at the front where you can learn about some of the Navajo beliefs. It's only a small bit of information, but it's still a nice thing to have and I did learn some new bits of information from my readings there.

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Monument Valley
Unfortunately, Monument Valley was the start of the rainy period for us. And it was SO COLD, which we really weren't prepared for!

Dog in Monument Valley
Monument Valley is a place that is only accessible by car. There is a set route that you drive around - it's partly traffic in both directions, but a large chunk of it is one way where you have no choice but to follow the cars in front of you and there's no backing out if you suddenly realise your car isn't quite enjoying the journey. That's the other thing about this place - it doesn't really mention it anyway, but normal cars will struggle with this one a bit. Luckily for us we had a very keen off road driver who knew how to do it and enjoyed the drive, but the rest of us would have found it stressful. There's just a lot of giant rocks EVERYWHERE that you have no choice but to navigate through.

The inside of the car didn't much enjoy it either. From the first time we stepped out the car, despite trying to keep it clean the car very quickly became a strange shade of luminous orange. The outside struggled to, and we were joking for days that you could tell when other drivers had been to Monument Valley as it just made the poor car SO filthy.

Stones in Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Monument Valley

Car in Monument Valley
Overall though, Monument Valley was a very interesting experience and one I would definitely recommend visiting. If strange structures and interesting geology is your thing, I would recommend Monument Valley as the one to pick!


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