Monday, 10 October 2016

Road Trip Part 2; A Very Hot Trip to Scottdale, Arizona & Fountain Hills

The second part of our road trip took us on to the first city of our trip, Scottsdale, Arizona. We didn't know very much about Scottsdale, aside from the fact that it was a city with heavy native American influences and that it was supposedly a very artistic city. We were excited to see what it held for us!

 Well, what it held for us was heat. Lots and lots of heat. Oh my god, so much heat. You do not realise how much we were dying in the above picture to have to stand in the sun for long enough for my friend to figure out how to use my camera properly!

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Luckily, Scottsdale has free buses. They take slightly odd routes, and sometimes they decide not to stop for you at all even though you're more or less standing in the middle of the road and they DEFINITELY saw you. But they are an amazing help when the heat is this hot - they are wonderfully air conditioned, and take all of the hassle out of getting everywhere.

I'm not normally a fan of taking buses too much as I much prefer to walk and get a true feel for a place, but we seriously could not help it. It was so horrendously hot that even walking to the end of the street was a serious effort and we just felt terrible for it. These buses made a huge difference, and it's great that they're free!

Horse statue in Scottsdale, Arizona

As you can see, Scottsdale prides itself in being a good old wild western town. And it was! There's all sorts of nice little touches everywhere that make it really fun to explore. For that reason, I'm actually not including the majority of photos I took here in this post incase any of you ever want to visit Scottsdale for yourself - discovering everything yourself really does make it all the more fun here.

Scottsdale, Arizona
 As well as the old town and the artistic sites, Scottsdale has plenty of beautiful and modern buildings and restaurants. Some of them are so lovely to look at and talk a walk around (if you can stay in the shade, of course!)

Scottsdale, Arizona

 In the majority of places we visited, we didn't actually stay in the city itself. This is for a variety of reasons - The major reason is that I like to experience what I consider to be real America and the more ordinary, non touristy towns. But of course, another major advantage to this is that the hotels tend to be significantly cheaper as well.

  In any case, sometimes you make some really pleasant discoveries, and this was the case here. We stayed in nearby Fountain Hills, which is an absolutely lovely little town. It's got some very pretty houses and is a very friendly place to be. However, it's main selling point is this attractive park, inside which you'll find this fountain - now the world's 4th highest fountain, this was the highest when it was built. It's actually really impressive to watch as well, and for most of the time we were there also sported a rainbow inside of it!

  As well as the fountain, the park is just really nice to walk around. I enjoyed watching the ducks and going and looking at some of the sculptures and artwork that surrounded the area.
Fountain Hills, Arizona

Cactus statue in Fountain Hills, Arizona

Fountain Hills, Arizona

Military statue in Fountain Hills, Arizona

If you'd like to read about the first part of my trip, go and have a read of it here; Joshua Tree National Park. Next week, I'll be posting all about my trip to the Grand Canyon!

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